BrimaPack stands out at Fruit Logistica 2024 with VePack, the most versatile wrapper

VePack, Brimapack's versatile wrapper, stands out for its ease of use and airtight design. It ensures efficiency in processing and extends the product's shelf life

BrimaPack destaca con innovadoras soluciones para el envasado de hortalizas en Fruit Logistica.jpg
05 March, 2024

BrimaPack consolidates its position as a leader in solutions for vegetable packaging, both in the field and in packinghouses. The company was once again present at Fruit Logistica 2024 to showcase its innovative solutions in packaging, grouping, and labeling of vegetable products, receiving praise from both regular visitors and new contacts.

The BrimaPack team expressed their satisfaction with the event, highlighting:

"Fruit Logistica 2024 has been a resounding success. We have welcomed many visitors, not only from our regular acquaintances but also established numerous new contacts."


VePack, Brimapack's versatile wrapper

VePack, the star of Brimapack's booth at Fruit Logistica 2024, distinguishes itself with its ease of use and versatility. Initially designed for iceberg lettuce and broccoli, VePack has evolved to pack cauliflower, melons, and various fruits and vegetables, thanks to improvements in machinery and specific developments in films. Each film has been meticulously designed to ensure efficiency in processing and extend the product's shelf life.

The VePack system stands out for its ease of use

This innovative packaging system combines an airtight yet breathable design with base sealing, along with an efficient and modular machine concept. Designed for use in warehouses or directly in the field during harvest, these machines allow the use of plain or pre-printed films, as well as combining them with automatic labeling and/or printing. These options not only ensure optimal product presentation on the shelf but also meet product identification and traceability requirements.


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