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Citrashine N Pyr, the First Coating with Pyrimethanil for Effective Citrus Protection

Decco introduces Citrashine N Pyr, the only coating that incorporates pyrimethanil in its matrix for an effective fight against rot in citrus fruits

19 January, 2024

In the field of agronomy and postharvest citrus chemistry, the need for an effective coating becomes imperative to combat senescence and preserve the quality of fruits. In this context, Citrashine N Pyr, developed by DECCO, emerges as a revolutionary option by incorporating pyrimethanil into its matrix, providing a powerful and highly effective solution for citrus protection.

Effectiveness of pyrimethanil in Postharvest Control against Penicillium-type Fungi

Pyrimethanil, a broad-spectrum fungicide, has demonstrated exceptional ability to combat pathogenic fungi of the Penicillium type, such as Penicillium italicum and Penicillium digitatum, during the postharvest process. This molecule acts specifically and decisively, inhibiting the growth and development of these pathogens, thus ensuring the integrity of citrus fruits and significantly extending their shelf life.


Scientific Advantages of Citrashine N Pyr

1. Effective control of resistant strains

Citrashine N Pyr stands as an indisputable leader in addressing strains resistant to Imazalil, thanks to the presence of pyrimethanil in its molecular structure. This resolution capability provides a reliable solution for producers facing the issue of resistant strains in their crops, ensuring the integrity of citrus fruits.

2. International recognition and global acceptance

The pyrimethanil molecule enjoys universal acceptance in international markets, granting producers unparalleled flexibility and commercial opportunities. The trust placed in Citrashine N Pyr globally validates its effectiveness and ability to keep citrus fruits in optimal conditions, translating into a significant competitive advantage.

3. Outstanding curative capacity

Citrashine N Pyr has demonstrated exceptional curative capacity, thanks to its quick and effective action in controlling pathogens. This property not only prevents the spread of decay but also ensures the quality of the fruit during storage and distribution, optimizing the post-harvest supply chain.

4. Compliance with regulatory standards

With a Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) set at 8 parts per million (ppm) for pyrimethanil, Citrashine N Pyr offers producers the peace of mind of safe and reliable coating use.

This rigorous compliance with regulatory standards significantly contributes to reducing food waste, ensuring that citrus fruits reach consumers in optimal conditions and free from pathogens.

Citrashine N Pyr, a Valuable Tool to Combat Food Waste

Finally, the application of Citrashine N Pyr with pyrimethanil not only represents a scientific advancement in citrus protection but is also a crucial strategy in the fight against food waste by efficiently ensuring the quality and safety of post-harvest products sustainably.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that the combination of the effectiveness of pyrimethanil in combating Penicillium-type fungi and the innovation represented by Citrashine N Pyr constitutes a significant advancement in the agricultural industry. However, it is essential to underline that, even with cutting-edge products like Citrashine N Pyr, its success depends intrinsically on the quality of post-harvest service. Proper management during this crucial phase ensures that the protection offered by these products is maximized. Indeed, without quality post-harvest service, even the most exceptional product is compromised. The combination of advanced technology and expert post-harvest service proves to be the ultimate formula for optimizing production, minimizing food waste, and delivering high-quality products to consumers, thereby strengthening the agricultural industry comprehensively.

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