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EXACT-100 Weigher Maximizes Productivity in Citrus Packaging

The EXACT-100 weigher from GIRÓ offers maximum precision and efficiency, surpassing 100 bags/minute for citrus fruits. Discover it in the following video!

15 January, 2024

The EXACT-100 weigher from GIRÓ stands out for its dynamic weighing technology, ensuring exceptional accuracy and efficiency that maximizes productivity, surpassing 100 bags per minute.

In optimal conditions, it even exceeds these standards. In the following video, you will see the EXACT-100 distributing lemons to three CA-9S staplers, achieving an impressive total cadence of 114 bags per minute.

This high-performance machinery not only meets but exceeds expectations, positioning Giró's customers at the forefront of the industry. Discover it for yourself!


EXACT-100 Dynamic Weigher Features

Maximum precision for working with citrus fruits and capable of operating in two modes: weight target or piece count target (average weight per bucket and reading by photocell).

For greater versatility, it can also act with two weight targets simultaneously, expanding the possibilities for the packer.

Easy to access and maintain, it features an individual bucket extraction system.

It also has a "Self Adjusting System (SAS)" for parameter auto-adjustment based on the type and size of the fruit, ensuring optimal performance at all times

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