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The case packer BOX-IT as one of the best end-of-line solution

GIRÓ, with Serfruit's expertise, developed the BOX-IT case packer, completing the Speed Line. It packs 80-100 bags/min, adds new features, and enhances the GBF-100

The case packer BOX-IT as one of the best end-of-line solution.png
24 May, 2024

After renewing the entire lineup of machines, the only machine that remained to be updated was the GBF-100 automatic case packer. For this reason, with the collaboration and expertise of Serfruit, a new case packer has been developed by GIRÓ that definitively completes the Speed Line range: the new case packer BOX-IT.

With a capacity to fill boxes at a rate of 80 to 100 bags per minute, this case packer combines all the advantages of the GBF-100 case packer while also adding highly requested features that make it an excellent alternative as an end-of-line solution. 



  • Up to 100 bags per minute
  • Protection and alarms for maximum safety
  • Option with checkweigher or with a direct conveyor belt
  • Optional flap checker
  • Checkweigher with buffer for two consecutive out-of-weight boxes


Source: Giró Magazine 2024

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