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AI for citrus sorting and robotic packing, MAF RODA's key innovations at Fruit Logistica 2024

Maf Roda showcases at Fruit Logistica 2024 a new AI-based software for external sorting management of citrus and the Line Pack packing machine for apples

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22 February, 2024

In recent years, the introduction of robotics in packinghouses has streamlined processes such as sorting, packaging, and handling, improving operational efficiency and reducing long-term labor costs. This automation has not only boosted productivity but has also significantly contributed to quality improvement by performing tasks with greater precision and consistency. Product sorting and selection ensures that only high-quality items reach the market, reducing waste and minimizing damage during transportation and storage to ensure food safety and optimal freshness.

In this context, MAF RODA has been a leader for over 50 years in the development and manufacturing of comprehensive lines for the selection, electronic sorting, and packaging of fresh produce. In recent years, the company has focused its attention on two key development lines: quality systems and automatic packing robots.

For this reason, the company participated in Fruit Logistica 2024, the world's leading event in the trade of fruit and vegetable products, held in Berlin from February 7 to 9. In addition to its wide range of calibrators designed to meet specific customer needs, MAF RODA showedtwo main innovations: a new artificial intelligence-based software and the Line Pack packing machine.


New AI-based software for external sorting management in oranges and clementines

To simplify the operator's work, MAF RODA introduces the new external quality software for oranges and clementines, Globalscan 7 Smart. This software, much more intuitive and easy to adjust, does not sacrifice precision or reliability.

This innovative software represents a new concept by using artificial intelligence-based algorithms. This enables the development of a program capable of adjusting automatically or allowing manual adjustments with a simple click on the fruit image. This system allows the line to be quickly and easily adapted to the central's order preparation needs. Artificial intelligence also allows the algorithm to continue learning on its own, improving its accuracy and adapting to the customer's work methods. In summary, this approach simplifies line management to the maximum, making external analysis adjustments and changes quick and intuitive.


Line Pack packing machine

Another product presented at Fruit Logistica was the Line Pack packing system for apples. This system fits the fruit onto the tray of cells, orienting it according to customer needs.

The goal of the MAF RODA Group is always to offer complete solutions that automate entire packinghouses and cover the entire fruit processing circle in the facility. Their packing systems, along with flagship calibrators such as the Pomone IV and the Globalscan 7 for external quality analysis, complete the lineup of automated solutions for fruit and vegetable warehouses.

Finally, at their booth, MAF RODA had three interactive screens that allowed customers to explore other solutions through videos and other informative materials. 

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