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Maf Roda's Latest Cherry Software: Intuitively Simple and User-Friendly

The MAF RODA Group launches a new software for cherries that is more intuitive and easy to adjust without losing a bit of precision

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16 April, 2024

The new cherry quality software for Cherryscan G7 aims to greatly facilitate the operators' daily tasks. It features a much simplified, intuitive interface with new functionalities that offer the operator a much friendlier interaction with the machine without compromising the system's precision in the slightest.

The company launches this new software with the specific working context of cherry producers very much in mind, fully adapting to their production model with very short campaigns and high workforce turnover. The new interface further democratizes the handling of quality systems by greatly simplifying how the operator interacts with the machine.


Advantages for the cherry industry

One of its great advantages is the ability to make all adjustments from a single screen. Visualizing all parameters and functionalities at a glance saves time for the operator, who can quickly identify the production status and the results obtained for each defect.

Furthermore, another new functionality is the possibility of simple adjustment by clicking on a plus or minus to increase or decrease the sensitivity in detecting each defect. For more advanced users, they can also access more parameters if desired, allowing for greater customization of the system. This way, the software adapts to the different levels of operator knowledge.

To provide even more security and autonomy to the operator, on the same single screen, before accepting parameter adjustment changes, the operator can see estimates of the impact those changes will have on machine results. This preview of the impact allows the operator to "play" with different options before implementing them definitively in production, refining and maximizing the adjustments to be implemented.

This software is another step in the democratization of quality system management. The simplification of the interface makes operating the machine much more user-friendly. With this new interface, an operator can be working with the machine after just a few hours of training.

MAF RODA assures us that they are currently offering a solution with advantages that other competitors do not provide. They have a patented system that rotates the cherry transversely, allowing them to analyze the entire surface of the cherry 100%, including the apical zone. If we combine this with the quality system and this new intuitive and easy-to-use software, we have a very powerful solution in the market that we believe is a qualitative leap never seen before.

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