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The Maf Roda Group completes the acquisition of Caustier

The MAF RODA Group announces the acquisition of CAUSTIER: a significant alliance in the fresh fruit and vegetable calibration, sorting, and packaging sector

24 November, 2023

The family-owned MAF RODA Group, one of the leading global players in tailored and turnkey solutions for the calibration, sorting, and automatic packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, announces the signing of an agreement to acquire CAUSTIER, a company based in Perpignan, specialized in designing sorting and packaging machines for the horticultural sector.

On October 23rd, the MAF RODA Group completed the acquisition of CAUSTIER. This merger between the two companies, specialized in engineering, design, and manufacturing of post-harvest machinery solutions, signifies a true alliance and presents clear synergies benefiting the packaging market players. Within this agreement, the MAF RODA Group will bring its expertise in electronic quality sorting and its experience in automatic and robotic packaging to CAUSTIER.

Headquarters of MAF AGROBOTIC in Montauban

With over 1,200 employees globally and production centers worldwide in France, Spain, Portugal, the USA, Australia, Mexico, and China, as well as sales and after-sales service centers in Italy, Chile, Peru, South Africa, and New Zealand, the MAF RODA Group strengthens its presence and location in the heart of the Perpignan region through the acquisition of CAUSTIER, enhancing its proximity service in the region.

Headquarters of CAUSTIER in Perpignan

With this acquisition, the MAF RODA Group expands its production capacity with the ZAC Belair plant in Perpignan. This industrial space, covering 7,000 m2 of land, including 3,300 m2 of buildings and offices, is a significant asset in its regional development, complementing the industrial resources the group already had in the area, totaling approximately 37,000 m² of production space.

The recognized parallel histories of these two family-owned companies offer a shared foundation and philosophy, bringing them even closer together. Both are driven by the same values of innovation, excellence, and commitment. The union of the two brands promises to be filled with new developments and innovative projects to better meet the needs of the post-harvest machinery market.

About MAF RODA Group

With expertise in the arboriculture sector since 1905, the family-owned MAF RODA Group continues to innovate by providing high-performance electronic sorting, automation, and robotized packaging solutions. They offer turnkey systems for over 40 types of fruits and vegetables in more than 60 countries, supported by their subsidiaries and partners across all continents. The company holds numerous patents associated with significant technological advancements, enabling them to offer clients cutting-edge tools that best suit the needs of their market.


Since 1919, the CAUSTIER brand has been synonymous with quality and reliability. Always at the forefront of innovation, CAUSTIER designs, manufactures, and implements complete installations for the sorting and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables across the five continents.

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