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Benefits of Evaporative Cooling for Industrial Warehouses

MET MANN Industrial Coolers: Efficient, Environmentally Friendly, Save Up to 80%, Balance Humidity and Temperature

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29 April, 2024
Cooling and CA

MET MANN industrial coolers make full use of the simple technology of evaporative cooling with great success. This method involves the evaporation of water as a certain volume of air passes through moistened panels. This effectively reduces the air temperature and increases its humidity.


Climate Control for Industrial Warehouses and Workspaces

Today, thanks to continuous technological advancements, climate control systems tend to become increasingly sophisticated. Air conditioning is a clear example of this evolution.

The need to control temperature and humidity year-round demands high-performance equipment. In this regard, evaporative cooling technology represents one of the most advanced methods to ensure cooling for industrial warehouses, farms, greenhouses, and any other space requiring cooling with increased humidity.


Environmentally Friendly Climate Control Installations

The cooling system used by MET MANN industrial coolers is entirely eco-friendly. It requires no refrigerant gas to achieve the desired temperature, and the electrical consumption is minimal compared to traditional air conditioning systems. Its operation only requires water from the general network and a standard electrical connection.


Save Up to 80% with Your Industrial Cooler

In addition to its ecological benefits, MET MANN industrial coolers can save you up to 80% compared to other traditional climate control systems. Their electrical consumption is minimal, and their installation is simple and uncomplicated. These are compelling reasons to choose this system.


Advantages of MET MANN Industrial Coolers

  • Environmentally friendly: MET MANN climate control systems use only water for cooling, making them an eco-friendly option.
  • Low energy consumption: Thanks to their energy efficiency, the coolers allow significant energy savings, which is especially beneficial for industrial warehouses or workplaces with continuous activity.
  • Humidity balance: The technology of MET MANN industrial coolers allows for adjusting humidity levels, which is particularly beneficial in dry climates. This contributes to a greater sense of comfort compared to other climate control methods.
  • Easy maintenance and installation: MET MANN coolers require low maintenance and do not require complicated installation. Their assembly is simple and does not demand significant efforts, ensuring convenience and time savings.
  • Air renewal and filtration: MET MANN coolers help renew the indoor air in the workplace, providing fresh, clean, and perfectly filtered air, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Reduction of thermal stress: With an industrial cooler of these characteristics, the work environment will be less exposed to thermal stress. They regulate temperature and balance humidity, resulting in a great sense of comfort for workers.


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