Paclife Conference 2024: Revolutionizing Fruit Packaging with Automation

On Tuesday, April 23, Curicó became the epicenter of innovation in the fruit industry during the Paclife Conference 2024: Disruptive and Sustainable Technologies for Industry 4.0. Over 150 attendees, all from the sector, gathered to explore the latest trends in automation and packaging, with a special emphasis on the Flowpack system

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02 May, 2024

From its inception, the event evolved into a remarkable showcase of the ingenuity of Flowpack machinery and the various films offered by Paclife to meet market demands. The company reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and technological excellence in fruit processing and packaging, highlighting the leadership of its founder and CEO, Mauricio Riquelme, who underscored Paclife's reliability as "the safest technology in the market," thus cementing its position as a leader in the sector.

The success of the event was backed by testimonials from prominent industry figures. Patricio Rebolledo, Paclife's regional manager in Peru, highlighted the support provided by the company to producers, while Cristian Parra, the brand's commercial manager, expressed the intention to organize future editions of the event to delve deeper into sustainability and automation topics.

Pamela Donoso from Dole Chile and Francisco Farías from Frusan praised Paclife's solutions, emphasizing their importance for the fruit industry in terms of quality and efficiency.


Presentation of the New Flowpack System

The highlight of the event was the presentation and live demonstration of the Flowpack system. This innovative packaging system has received acclaim for its ability to automate and optimize the packaging process, resulting in increased efficiency and lower operating costs. Its flexibility and customization capability make it adaptable to a variety of market needs and preferences, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the Flowpack offers a range of additional benefits, such as increased product safety during transportation and storage, along with superior packaging quality that ensures product freshness and integrity. Its ability to improve decision-making and foster innovation directly contributes to the competitiveness of companies that choose to implement it.

The fruit industry must remain vigilant to developments in automation and actively embrace these transformations by integrating technology into its operations. It is crucial to recognize the Flowpack as a proven and effective tool that generates highly positive results, manifesting in satisfactory arrivals and returns.

While the Peruvian fruit sector has successfully embraced this technological era, as evidenced by the regional manager Patricio Rebolledo validating its effectiveness and adopting it as an essential part of its processes, in contrast, the Chilean industry shows a slower adaptation to these changes. This reluctance could pose a short-term mistake, especially considering "the high demand in Peru for innovative technologies to optimize their processes and improve efficiency," highlighting the urgent need for updates in the packaging capabilities of the Chilean industry.

Finally, Daniel Ho TopSun Fresh also provided valuable insight from the exporter's perspective, complemented by Julio Ruiz-Tagle's presentation from D-Quality Survey, which contributed to the event with his presentation "Automation from Quality," offering concrete data on cherry exports.

The Paclife Conference 2024 has set a milestone in the sector, demonstrating the transformative potential of disruptive and sustainable technologies for Industry 4.0. With this resounding success, the event is expected to continue being a beacon of innovation in the coming years, driving progress and competitiveness in the national fruit industry.

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