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Bin & Bag Tipper, an automated multi-purpose tipper

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Wyma’s Bin & Bag Tipper is an automated multi-purpose tipper that gently empties produce from bags or bins that are too heavy to be manually unloaded.

Suitable for bins, boxes made from wood, plastic or cardboard, or large format big bags weighing up to 2 metric tons (4000lb).

Models are available catering for bin, box, and big bag widths from 900mm (3 feet) to dual 2450mm (8 feet) wide. The tipper can be adjusted to tip big bags or bins/boxes simply by adding in a removable bin support frame. All models can cater for different bin or box heights by adjusting the box retainer bar.

Typically, these Tippers, particularly for big bag unloading, are coupled to a Takeaway Conveyor or Evenflow. but a Wet Hopper or a Creep Feed Hopper are also common. The Bin, Box & Big Bag Tipper is an open top Tipper. Product will start exiting the bins, boxes or big bags part way through the tipping process. The choice of receiving system should suit the produce type.

Bins, boxes or big bags are placed in the cradle by forklift. In the case of big bags, the operator must manually attach hooks to the bag to secure the bag and pallet (if used) under the big bag. The Tipper rotates at a controlled speed which can be controlled by the operator, either by a speed setting or the use of sensors to detect product depth in the receiving equipment. A sensor detects when the bin, box or big bag is empty and returns the Tipper to its load position.


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