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Electric Bin Tipper, for gentle tipping

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Wyma´s Electric Bin Tipper is a smart, efficient tipper suitable for gentle tipping and controlled emptying of bins or boxes available for single or double loading.

Suitable for bins or boxes made from wood, plastic or cardboard weighing up to 2 metric tons (4000 lbs).

Models are available catering for bin or box widths from 900 mm (3 ft) or two boxes of 1200 mm (4 ft) wide. All models can cater for different bin or box heights with the use of bin insert supports.

The Electric Bin Box Tipper is a closed-lid tipper. This allows the box to be completely rotated without any produce escaping the bin, making it the gentlest of all Wyma tipping solutions.. Typically these tippers are coupled to a Takeaway Conveyor or Evenflow where product is able to be metered out of the bin at a controlled speed for line flow control.

Bins or boxes are placed in the cradle by Forklift. The cradle is closed with pneumatic rams that lift the bin to the top of the tipper so the roof of the tipper seals the top of the bin. The tipper rotates to its unloading position, where the lid will open. Produce is drawn out of the tipper by way of metering conveyor, or the lowering of an Evenflow Hopper. A sensor detects when the bin is empty and the tipper will automatically rotate back ready for another bin.

The Tipper offers a choice of a slide back or a roll back lid. The slide back lid is simple and more suitable for dirty applications, while the roll back lid is preferable for clean produce.

The tipper is controlled electrically and pneumatically, eliminating the need for hydraulics, which is important where hygiene is of primary concern. As a result it uses less than 50% of the power consumption per tip compared to a hydraulic tipper. It is simple and robust, designed to handle the knocks from bins and forklifts.


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