AgroFresh Expands its Commitment to Address the Industry’s Most Pressing Challenges

AgroFresh’s refreshed look will be unveiled for the first time at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany, February 7-9

AgroFresh Expands its Commitment to Address the Industry’s Most Pressing Challenges.jpg
07 February, 2024

As the pioneer in leading post-harvest technologies for the world’s highest production value produce, AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., is excited to announce a refreshed promise to the produce industry – to empower the business of fresh at every step, helping customers produce abundant, sustainable, quality fresh produce for all. This mission follows AgroFresh’s expansion of solutions, now including the industry’s leading SO2 intelligent packaging technology for table grapes, berries and flowers. AgroFresh’s refreshed look will be unveiled for the first time at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany, February 7-9. 

Clint Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of AgroFresh, says:

“As the global post-harvest leader, everything we do at AgroFresh supports this promise. We look at fresh produce challenges customers may encounter from every angle and deliver answers in a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of near- and post-harvest solutions that help customers overcome quality and ripening challenges faced at every stage of the value chain.”

This mission will guide AgroFresh as it builds upon its growth strategy, further focusing on customers’ needs and supporting them in their efforts to grow and distribute an abundant supply of sustainable, quality, fresh produce around the world. From industry events to the fields and orchards, AgroFresh is dedicated to engaging with customers and their businesses to provide answers on how to deliver quality and freshness solutions across the supply chain. 

AgroFresh acquired Tessara, an industry-leading provider of intelligent packaging solutions for preserving fresh produce, to expand capabilities and focus on the future. As employees from both businesses unify around a single purpose and a core set of competencies, AgroFresh is well positioned to empower customers for success in business.  

Duncan Aust, Chief Technology Officer at AgroFresh, notes:

“We are investing in customers’ success by providing science-based, data-driven solutions across the food supply chain that reduce food loss and waste, help preserve the planet’s resources and enhance the quality and shelf-life of fresh produce. Our commitment comes from 40 years of delivering innovative products, services and digital solutions to better protect and preserve the planet through prolonged produce freshness, reduced food waste and significantly less food loss. Sustainability and innovation are at the core of what we do in service to our customers.”

To learn more about AgroFresh and its comprehensive lineup of produce solutions, visit its refreshed website at  


About Agrofresh

AgroFresh is the global leader in post-harvest quality and freshness solutions that enhance quality and extend shelf-life of fresh produce, preventing food loss and waste. AgroFresh has been innovating for more than 40 years to address fresh produce supply chain challenges from all angles with a full suite of integrated storage, packing line and digital solutions. As the pioneer of SmartFresh™, the world’s first introduction to 1-MCP technology used to slow ripening, and Uvasys™, the world’s first laminated SO2 generating sheets that prevent fungal decay in produce and flowers, AgroFresh has what it takes to empower growers, packers and retailers to succeed in their business of delivering fresh, quality and sustainable produce from harvest to home.

To learn more about AgroFresh, visit

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