SmartFresh™ enables just-picked quality all the way to the consumer


SmartFresh™ by AGROFRESH has long been providing real advantages for growers, packers, retailers and consumers of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The award-winning technology’s active ingredient, 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), is like ethylene, a naturally occurring hormone that causes fruit to ripen. SmartFresh™ interacts with ethylene-sensitive sites in the fruit to manage its response to internal and external ethylene sources. This puts the ripening process “on hold” so that softening and over-ripening occur much more slowly.

SmartFresh℠ Quality System

Our full-service solution for customers with large, traditional storage facilities. An AgroFresh technician visits the facility to inspect for airtightness, apply the SmartFresh™ technology per proven use recommendations and remove the application equipment after the 24-hour application period.

SmartFresh™ ProTabs

This versatile and flexible product provides the peace of mind that comes with SmartFresh to ensure service efficiency and reliability. It ensures timely application for any customer, in any room, at any time during harvest rush and can provide growers a self-application option for more remote or time-sensitive operations.

SmartFresh™ InBox

For growers who don’t have an airtight room or who just want a smaller, convenient option, SmartFresh™ InBox provides powerful quality protection. Simply place the sachets in the box with the produce and it’s ready to ship.

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