Advanced Harvesting Solutions: Cutting-Edge Headers and Real-Time Optimization Tools

The most cost effective way of packing vegetables is by using the BrimaPack packing system in the field

07 June, 2024

BrimaPack has developed a range of harvesting headers. At field level the workers cut & clean the product and put it in in-feed systems which transport the vegetables to the packing machine(s).

After packing the vegetables, processing is continued in state of the art packing and boxing stations.

Optionally automatic grading, by produce weight and/or size, can be integrated into the packaging systems.


BrimaNaut, real time information

Combined with the actual GPS-data and our in-house developed BrimaNaut software, you can obtain powerful data for optimizing your crop and harvest strategy. Together with our VeCode capabilities, full produce traceability is guaranteed and available at your fingertips.

There are currently three different rig header designs for harvesting. Each rig header can be combined with our own BrimaPack e-drive rigs and most third party harvesting rigs. The logistics inside the harvesting header and rig are tailored to your specific requirements.

Based on our wide expertise, we are able to offer you the highest possible packing efficiency. We not only design for you, but also build the complete harvesting header and integrate it with the rig of your choice, including commissioning, training and start-up on site.



Columbia - The Columbia cutting head is optimized for the customer to achieve maximum productivity. In an optimal configuration, the cutters are positioned on their knees, the most efficient and ergonomic position.

Atlantis - The Atlantis cutting head is based on more conventional harvesting systems and can be easily used in fields with different planting concepts.

Discovery - The Discovery is a self-propelled gantry-type harvester, designed to meet specific regional needs such as those of the United States.


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