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F-751 Kiwifruit Quality Meter


F-751 Kiwifruit Quality Meter, by FELIX INSTRUMENTS is a rapid, non-destructive kiwifruit quality measurement.

It allows to a:

  • Faster, smarter kiwifruit harvest planning & packing
  • Confidently assess kiwifruit maturity and eliminate the need for preemptive laboratory testing with the Felix Instruments Kiwifruit Quality Meter
  • Post-harvest quality assurance. Inspect incoming lots and assess kiwifruit quality parameters in cold storage, ripening rooms, and distribution centers
  • Crop management and harvest timing
  • Accurately measure Kiwifruit quality (dry matter, °Brix, hue angle) in seconds for data-driven harvest planning.
  • Crop breeding and research
  • Rapidly collect internal quality data for high-throughput phenotyping, breeding and analytical research.



Measure kiwifruit maturity in seconds

With over 500 measurements on a single charge and rechargeable 3400 mAh replacement batteries included, you’ll never be lacking in predictive power.

Data-driven harvest management

Remove the guesswork and accurately predict crop harvest dates with data- driven insights.

User-friendly design

The Kiwifruit Quality Meter’s intuitive user interface is designed for easy adoption by technicians at all levels of training.

Durable construction

Heavy-duty aluminum construction protects the device from wear and tear without sacrificing weight.

7 data points in one scan

Collect raw data, reflectance, absorbance, 1st derivative spectra, 2nd derivative spectra, GPS, date & time all in one scan.

Integrated crop mapping

Compatible with the free, interactive harvest mapping software FruitMaps, see your harvest data where it matters most – in your orchard.


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