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F-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer, no gas chromatograph necessary

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The F-900 Ethylene Analyzer, by FELIX INSTRUMENTS, provides accurate real-time measurement of ethylene gas concentrations, in a compact package suitable for controlled atmosphere and laboratory use.

Accurate and Precise Ethylene & CO2 Measurement

Ethylene production is known to increase in response to plant stress and during ripening and maturity (ethylene is a plant hormone produced by trees, plants, fruits, and vegetables).

Until recently, sensitive ethylene measurements were available only through elaborate and expensive gas sampling and gas chromatography analysis.

The intent of the F-900's design is to aid agricultural suppliers in developing real-world ethylene management applications for the benefit of growers, processors, and consumers.

The F-900 Ethylene Gas Analyzer provides the accuracy and real-time response necessary to provide ethylene production measurements in a controlled environment.

The F-900 chamber allows a single fruit (apple, pear, avocado, etc.) to be left intact while performing measurements in continuous mode. Therefore, taking ethylene samples with the F-900 is non-detrimental to plant growth or fruit ripening.

In addition to ethylene sensing the F-900 has been designed to carry an additional sensor that measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

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