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F-750 Produce Quality Meter, to quantify the quality


The F-750 Produce Quality Meter, by FELIX INSTRUMENTS, quantifies the quality measuring Dry Matter, Brix (Total Soluble Solids), and assess fruit maturity and skin color.

It delivers the stability, repeatability, and precision that is necessary for successful chemometric-based measurements in a portable easy-to-use package.

The F-750 aids agricultural suppliers in developing a fruit maturity and sweetness management process for the benefit of growers, processors, and consumers.

Harvesting immature fruit has a high impact on fruit eating quality. Judging fruit maturity by shape and color alone results in varying success.

The F-750 solves this issue with it's simple user interface and precise measurements. It comes equipped with GPS for spatial mapping, enabling users to generate orchard-wide maps of fruit parameters, such as planning for harvest sequences and improving crop management techniques.

Applications for the F-750 include Crop management and harvest decisions in the field, in cold storage, ripening rooms, and retail outlets.

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