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F-950 Handheld Ethylene Analyzer, also measuring CO2 and O2


The F-950 Handheld Ethylene Analyzer, by FELIX INSTRUMENTS, measures 3 critical gases, Ethylene, CO2 and O2, to maintain optimum produce quality at every phase:

  • Inspect storage and packing environments
  • Optimize storage atmosphere conditions
  • MAP quality assurance for ethylene-sensitive products
  • Verify ethylene mitigation efficacy
  • Fast, Accurate & Cost-efficient Analysis

Ethylene affects ripening, aging, and spoilage in produce. The F-950 measures levels of Ethylene, CO2 and O2 in the atmosphere, and can be scaled to many environments, from cold storage to warehouse to transportation container.

Simple to operate and weighing less than a kilogram, the F-950 uses an electrochemical cell to measure Ethylene between 0-200 ppm Ethylene in air.

It records date, time, relative humidity, temperature, and GPS location.

The F-950 is ideal for measuring ethylene production across a wide range of fruit types and is especially suitable for managing ethylene emissions from perishable cut produce products.

Features & Specifications

  • Fast sampling
  • Injectable sampling for analyzing small volumes
  • High ethylene sensitivity (Resolution 0.1 ppm)
  • Carbon dioxide sensing (0-20%)
  • Oxygen sensing (0-100%)
  • Broad operating range (0-45º C; 0-90% RH)
  • Compact handheld design
  • Built-in data logging with removable storage (4 GB SD card)
  • Replaceable rechargeable batteries.


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