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TOMRA Sorting Solutions has been designing and supplying superior potato and root vegetable peeling equipment for over 35 years’. The focus has been on continuously improving efficiency, yield and quality of the steam peeling process. Today 75% of the world’s French fries are processed by TOMRA equipment. Why Steam Peeling Steam peeling is the most efficient method of removing skin from vegetables. TOMRA’s steam peelers use a unique design to peel root vegetables faster and more efficiently. Lines processing between 1,000 kg/hr – 50,000 kg/hr can benefit from the steam peeling approach, resulting in savings of raw material and energy. Where is it used TOMRA’s steam peeling line can be used on a variety of root vegetables in food processing lines such as potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, red beets, celeriac, swedes, peppers and chillies etc. EQUIPMENT FOR THE PEELING PROCESS Brusher The Brusher provides the customer with the opportunity to gently remove loose peel or to aggressively remove product defects by using the highest reliable brush technology on the market. The Brusher works in conjunction with the and reduces the need to over peel and keeps throughput high. The design differs radically from others in terms of construction, process flexibility and reliability, offering very low maintenance. Dry peel separation of more challenging products can be achieved using our high speed brush unit. With a selection of brush types and sizes, this unit can achieve a high level of peel separation and some defect removal while at the same time providing automated control for the customer’s individual needs. The Brusher is a low cost solution. Dry Peel Separator After steam peeling, efficient separation of peel waste is a major concern for vegetable and root processors. TOMRA’s Dry Peel Separator or DPS provides customers with a method to separate peel waste with zero water usage and minimal yield loss. The DPS machine uses a specially designed stainless-steel drum with smooth perforated panels, which is tailored to the customer’s product. Inside the drum there is a mixing agitator that ensures the continuous mixing of potatoes and the transfer of the skin to the drum. The drum rotates at high speed using an external drive shaft to enable the peel waste to flow to the dry-waste pump. Using this design we achieve a very high percentage of peel waste removal with less than 0.3 per cent loss of good flesh. The latest design of DPS with mixing agitator provides customers with significant improvements in terms of access for hygiene teams and many new features that reduce maintenance time. Using this design we remove the need to brush the potatoes and avoid losing valuable yield. The final result is a very high quality of clean vegetables and roots without using any wash water! Read the story of Oerlemans and be inspired by their steam peeling success. Eco Steam PeelerToday we see steam peelers peeling at lower steam times than ever before. No product in the industry can match the speed of peeling, the uniformity of skin removal and the low peel losses of TOMRA’s Eco steam peeler. The peeler has confirmed the 'Eco' label and demonstrated major reductions in steam usage and yield savings. One of the requirements in the design of the Eco steam peeler was that it should lower energy usage by up to 25%, worth around € 50,000 tot €80,000 per year depending on local energy costs. The Eco and Orbit steam peelers are purpose built and designed, high yield units that can also be used on other small products such as baby carrots. TOMRA also delivers food processing equipment for peeling all types of root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, red beets, celeriac, swedes, pumpkins, peppers and chilies. The Eco technology changes the nature of the steam peeling process from fixed steam supply to a new controlled steam management system. The result is a substantial improvement in processing efficiency and major savings in steam. The Eco peeler also includes a new peeling vessel design with patented design features. The high pressure vessel includes an innovative product mixing design that enables rapid heat transfer from the steam to the surface of each potato. The vessel is also equipped with a unique parallel motion door. These new design features allow for even better process control and shorter steam times. The addition of a completely new process sequence combined with the above features results in lower peel loss. Curious about the actual results of the Eco steam peeler? Read the testimonial of Kadi, a Swiss manufacturer of potato products and other frozen foods and discover why they decided to partner with TOMRA. Orbit Steam PeelerThe Orbit and Eco steam peelers are purpose built and designed, high yield units that can also be used on other small products such as baby carrots. TOMRA also delivers systems for peeling all types of root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, red beets, celeriac, swedes, pumpkins, peppers and chilies. Sensor based technology is used to monitor and provide feedback to the control system which processes the information to ensure the lowest steam times and peel loss. The user interface enables the operator to easily see the peeling process and adjust production volumes. The unique design enables customers to achieve the maximum efficiency for their processing requirements. Odyssey steam peelerThe Odyssey steam peeler brings seasonal processors high performance and reliability. The machine incorporates TOMRA's control software, an enlarged steam peeling vessel, and a weigh hopper, enabling customers to steam peel a wide range of vegetables and fruits all at once. This solution requires little extra maintenance and is trusted as a high-functioning efficient steam peeler with a low cost of ownership. Peel Scanner² The Peel Scanner² is the latest in the line of process inspection machines for the potato peeling industry. The Peel Scanner² uses sensor based technology to accurately inspect your product in order to provide essential data for control of the peeling process. Peel scanning is an important aspect of the control program to ensure that minor changes in the raw material’s quality are detected and the peeling process is adjusted accordingly. Operators can make better informed decisions based on continuously displayed information on the average size and quality of the raw material. Using an innovative image capture system and sophisticated analysis software, the Peel Scanner² achieves an image resolution of below 0.3 mm. This enables the device to accurately detect the peel percentage, surface defects and dimensional data to control the peeling process with much higher precision than is possible with human operators. A unique touchscreen allows production personnel to see live images and data from processing lines. Control parameters, quality settings and set points can be adjusted from the interface panel using password protected access screens. Customers who currently use the technology to control the peeling process receive up to 8% reduction on steam times and enjoy higher product yields. Washer The Washer was developed to address the washing system issues of other products on the market, designing a washer that took into account the requirement for gentle product washing, the removal of small pieces of loose peel and the need to reuse a higher percentage of recycled water. With these challenges, TOMRA’s design differs radically from others in terms of construction, the product agitation system and the water distribution system design. The result is a reliable design that requires very low maintenance and provides excellent rinsing and polishing of product. Energy Saving Upgrades TOMRA Sorting Food provides a range of energy saving upgrades to enhance the performance of the peeling line equipment. More information
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