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MC3-SC step controller, perfect suction and discharge control

The cooling unit is the heart of every cooling and freezing system. This crucial process component demands a control unit that is reliable, multifaceted, economic and easy to operate to guarantee optimum conditions for each product and application. The MC3-SC, by VDH Products, controls the discharge and suction pressure meticulously. Moreover, the existing compressors and condenser fans can be deployed to delivery high energy efficiency. The result: improved product quality at lower energy costs and consequently a stronger competitive position. Distinguished by reliable qualityThe MC3-SC is a step controller for controlling a maximum of 8 compressors and 8 condenser fans based on the measured suction and discharge pressure and its setpoints. The new hardware platform offers a suitable solution for each cooling unit. Two versions are therefore available as standard: The MC3-SC and the MC3-SC2 (for smaller units), the choice depends on the number of required inputs and outputs. The MC3-SC is installed on a DIN rail in a control box from which all of the cooling unit stages and variables are controlled. The new MC3-SC’s strong points are its versatility and extensive control possibilities. And, of course, this step controller is distinguished by the proverbial VDH reliability. The new MC3-SC’s ease of use is reliable and tested. For instance, this step controller has a flexible interface that simplifies installation. The available inputs and outputs are configured via a web page and a short list of parameters. Proven reliability characterizes the MC3-SC, developed based on years of practical experience in the cooling sector. As is the case with all VDH control equipment, this new step controller has been rigorously tested, earning the TÜV certificate. VDH has delivered thousands of control systems for cooling and freezing units worldwide. Special functionalities- Thermostat function- Compressor service- Modbus communication- Alarm functions and warnings- Management information. Other characteristics- Touchscreen control panel- Selection options for switching on and off- Control for different compressors- Suitable for Monoflow, which allows substantial energy savings- Ease of use; the MC3-SC offers the following possibilities for operating and setting the user parameters:• External via VASP software for Windows• Local via a touchscreen control panel.More information
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