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PROBA 5, the latest generation fruit ripening regulators, for more comprehensive control of the ripening tropical fruit

Tropical-fruit retailers want their fruit delivered with a specific ripeness and in specific numbers. It is up to the professional suppliers to ensure that they meet their clients’ requirements. The PROBA 5, by VDH Products, enables suppliers to control the total ripening process in their warehouses – a painstaking process that involves regulating temperature, gas concentration, humidity, ventilation and pressure – fully in line with the demands/requirements of their clients. To every last detail. The PROBA 5 will strengthen your competitiveness by enhancing the quality of your product. The new PROBA 5 The PROBA 5 is the latest generation fruit ripening regulators for ripening chambers and the most recent addition to the successful PROBA series. Its predecessors have proven to be a true business asset worldwide, as they are reliable, versatile, economical and simple to use. The PROBA 5 ripening system is the latest improved generation. It gives you even more comprehensive control and has been reprogrammed. The new PROBA ripening system enables you to connect more than 100 regulators, it is easy to programme and it has an Ethernet. Main characteristics- Proven reliability- Easy control from a remote desktop or device- Ease of use for operator first and foremost- Independent of installer- Creating specific ripening programmes- Easy-to-create ripening programmes, including: - Ripening cycles - Manual batch management- Up to 100 regulators for up to 100 ripening chambers, that can be operated from more than one location. Special functionalities- Personalised access- Alarms and warnings- Management information- Webpage for I/O assignment.More information
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