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VASP, advanced management and control software for temperature, pressure and humidity

VASP, advanced management and control software, by VDH Products, allows an integrated control of your entire process. In many industrial and commercial processes, maintaining the right ambient conditions is vital. Even the smallest deviation of temperature, pressure or relative air humidity could have dramatic consequences, such as in cold storages and frozen food stores or in large hotel or restaurant kitchens. In all of these cases, total process control is essential. The VASP management and information system gives you integrated control of all your systems, as well as detailed data recording and full-featured alarm functionality. It allows:- Integrated process control - Detailed data recording - Full-featured alarm functionality. Main characteristics of VASP include:- Real time process information- User friendly- Process visualization- Extensive alarm functionality- Detailed recording. Special features include several users, Web-based, and mobile application. More information
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