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Optical Roto-Cut Vegetable Trimmer for removing foliage, crowns, and tails before packing or processing

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The Optical Roto-Cut vegetable trimmer represents a significant shift in vegetable processing technology. Developed in-house at Wyma Solutions, it is a unique, fully automated optical vegetable trimming system designed to remove foliage, crowns, and tails from vegetables before packing or processing.

Efficient Workflow: From Raw Produce to Trimming

The Optical Roto-Cut is the first of its kind to use a combination of optical technology, a smart recognition system, and artificial intelligence. The system individually identifies the unique shape of each vegetable, determining the appropriate cut point, and making the cut, all in just 0.2 of a second. Each machine is capable of top and tail operations at approximately 2 items per second, delivering a throughput of up to 1-2 tons per hour depending on produce size. The Optical Roto-Cut  provides significant improvements in productivity, sustainability and efficiency of operations – tested and proven in real-world environments.


Key Features

  • Accurate cut
  • Fully automated
  • Increased yield
  • State-of-the-art smart vision analytics
  • Produce specific trained Artificial Intelligence


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