Wyma Solutions
Wyma Solutions

Wet Hopper, no fear of damage of the produce

Wet Hopper by WYMA Solutions Produce can be quickly tipped into the water-filled Wet Hopper without fear of damage. Incoming produce can be clean or dirty. Our Wet Hopper allows produce to be quickly tipped into a water filler tank without fear of damage. Incoming produce can be dirty, clean or semi-clean. Produce gently travels along on a web conveyor toward an out-feed elevator. As it travels, fine sand and dirt fall through the web belt into collection hoppers in the base. Dump valves regularly clear debris build-up. An air agitation system can be fitted so produce rubs gently against other produce, helping remove dirt. An out-feed elevator lifts produce out of the water and delivers it to the next stage in your line. Spray bars can be fitted for a final rinse. More information
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