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Latest Advances in Internal and External Quality Classification of Cherries

Sorting Machines, grading, and Complete Lines from UNITEC for Cherry Packaging and Processing

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06 June, 2024

For 100 years, UNITEC has had a constant drive for innovation embedded in its DNA, designing and manufacturing innovative technological solutions for its customers in over 65 countries worldwide, covering all stages of the process for more than 50 types of fruits and vegetables. In particular, over the years, it has developed innovative solutions for the external and internal quality classification of cherries, creating the Cherry Vision systems for external quality classification and UNIQ Cherry for internal quality classification.

The constant drive for innovation that has always motivated the UNITEC Group is driven by a strong desire to help, providing concrete answers to the needs and business objectives of fruit and vegetable packing houses worldwide. This innovation stems from a strong market connection, based on constant listening and dialogue with the market, and is also evident in the group's strong focus on after-sales service, offering quick, efficient, and reliable responses to their customers to help them overcome the challenges often characterizing an intense processing period like the cherry campaign.


Cherry Vision 3.0 for External Quality Classification

Thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0 technology, UNITEC has revolutionized the global cherry market. Cherry Vision 3.0 can drastically reduce labor costs, increase the operational margins of packing houses that opt for this cutting-edge technology, and open new markets thanks to the consistent quality offered to the end consumer in every supply over time. This intelligent technology, designed and manufactured 100% by UNITEC, is equipped with ultra-high resolution cameras that analyze the entire surface of each individual fruit to select/classify cherries based on their characteristics (size, color, shape, external defects, etc.). In this way, thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0, the packing house is guaranteed to offer the end consumer consistently high-quality cherries in every supply, eliminating complaints and consequently increasing the credibility of their brand.


UNIQ Cherry for Internal Quality Classification of Cherries

In addition to Cherry Vision 3.0 technology, UNITEC has also developed UNIQ Cherry, an innovative system for classifying the internal quality of cherries. This system, developed entirely by UNITEC's Research and Development Department, can reveal all the organoleptic characteristics and secrets of cherries, identifying genuine flavor classes while fully preserving their integrity.



UNITEC, through its subsidiary UNITEC Ibérica, founded in 1997 and continuously growing over the years, has shown its commitment to its customers with a team of specialized technicians, extensive availability of spare parts on site, and the ability to anticipate and foresee any difficulties that may arise during the campaign through professional and organized maintenance plans with strong collaboration between the UNITEC team and the customers' technical teams.

UNITEC is constantly by its customers' side to develop new solutions or improve existing technologies, thanks to the new R&D center at the company headquarters, positioning itself as a reliable technological partner. Today and in the future.


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