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Innovative water treatment & integrated packing solutions at Hort Connections 2024

Join Wyma at Hort Connections 2024: Innovating for a Sustainable Future, from June 3rd to June 5th in Melbourne (Australia)

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02 May, 2024

Wyma is thrilled to announce their return to Hort Connections, set to take place in Melbourne this year from June 3rd to June 5th. Following the success of Hort Connections 2023 in Adelaide, the 2024 event promises to be even more impactful for the horticulture industry, with a focus on adaptation, networking, and showcasing the latest innovations.


Game-Changing Water Treatment Solutions

Wyma is dedicated to supporting the horticulture sector in making sustainable use of resources. With water being a crucial input for many in the Australian and New Zealand horticulture industry, managing it efficiently and sustainably is paramount. That's why the company is excited to showcase one of its latest innovations—a modular, scalable water treatment system designed to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Wyma water treatment solution offers advanced filtration capabilities while simplifying waste disposal processes. This not only helps their customers manage costs but also aligns with their commitment to sustainability. They understand the challenges of resource scarcity and rising costs, and they're dedicated to providing solutions that address these issues head-on.


Integrated solution for packing and handling lines

In addition to showcasing the Wyma water treatment system, the company is proud to partner with Burg and Manter to demonstrate integrated solutions for packing and handling lines. Burg’s bin tipping and hydro bin-fillers, along with Manter’s weighing and bagging equipment, complement their offerings by ensuring gentle and efficient handling of produce while maximizing value.

Events like Hort Connections provide invaluable opportunities for them to engage directly with the industry, understand its evolving needs, and tailor their innovations accordingly. Wyma is not just here to showcase their latest designs—they're here to listen, learn, and collaborate with their customers to shape the future of horticulture.

As the industry faces changing markets and increasing demands for sustainability, Hort Connections serves as a vital platform for them to collaborate, innovate, and drive positive change. Wyma looks forward to connecting with everyone at Hort Connections 2024 and continuing their journey towards a more sustainable and productive future for the horticulture sector. See you in Melbourne!


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