• Red Beet Field Day in the Ukraine

    Red Beet Field Day in the Ukraine

    The day was held in partnership with SAKATA distributor Sakura to promote not only to local growers but also key growers from other regional markets such as Russia, Poland and Belarus. During the day, we hosted more than 50 customers from these countries in the field and were also able to take the opportunity to present to them in the afternoon about our Red Beet programme, our variety benefits and our leading work in pathology on this crop. The event was well received and we appreciated spending time with customers from may markets demonstrating the advantages of our red beet… Read more

  • Beetroot diversity by SAKATA

    Beetroot diversity by SAKATA

    SAKATA counts of a line of beetroot varieties which include: Rodina F1, left side of the 1st picture, a long purple varieties. Medium cycle. Golden Eye, right side of the 1st. picture, is a a small round beetroot, red externally, with yellow to golden internal flesh. Chioggia is a heirloom variety with good flavour; red external color and internal root colour white with red rings. In round beetroot varieties, standard purple color, Red Hawk F1 is an early variety, Cardeal F1 is an early-medium Read more

  • Come and visit Sakata Field Days in the Netherlands

    Come and visit Sakata Field Days in the Netherlands

    The next SAKATA Field Days in the Netherlands event will take place from 25 to 27 September. Opening times: 9 a.m. ‚Äď 5 p.m. Location: Stichting Proeftuin Zwaagdijk - Tolweg 13 - 1681 ND ZWAAGDIJK Oost (same location as last year). Visit our open field and meet our teams to learn more about our existing range and new varieties of cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, squash, baby leaf‚Ķ This year Sakata will celebrate its red beet variety both in the field and on your plate! Read more

  • Sakata Vegetables Europe has obtained ISTA accreditation

    Sakata Vegetables Europe has obtained ISTA accreditation

    SAKATA VEGETABLES EUROPE site in Uchaud (France) has recently obtained ISTA* Accreditation. This enables us to issue certificates carrying the ISTA logo. In pursuing its pioneering position, Sakata Vegetables Europe is only the second vegetable seed company in Europe to have been awarded this accreditation, and the first in France! This accreditation bears witness to international recognition of the reliability of our tests and processes, the professional approach of our teams and also highlights our slogan: ‚Äėquality, reliability, service‚Äô. *ISTA: International Seed Testing… Read more

  • Tomato Field Day in Kamenka

    Tomato Field Day in Kamenka

    The local SAKATA team, together with our Ukrainian distributor Sakura, held a tomato field day focusing on our new and existing range of red, pink and speciality tomatoes for the region. More than 120 growers and retailers participated in this event in Kamenka, the main greenhouse tomato production area in Ukraine. It was a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about Sakata’s tomato range and our dedicated tomato breeding programme for the area. More information Read more

  • Tomato Field Day in Egypt: new tomato TOM054

    Tomato Field Day in Egypt: new tomato TOM054

    The SAKATA Middle East team, together with our Egyptian distributor Mohammad Farid Gaara and partners, held an open day in Egypt to promote the new determinate tomato TOM054. Growers, traders and young plant raisers participated in this event. This new variety is performing extremely well: very good hot set, high level of TYLCV resistance and high yield with very good fruit quality. The new determinate tomato TOM054 will be commercial in Egypt and other Middle East countries next year. Sakata will continue to support growers in the Middle East with varieties that meet their demands and… Read more

  • Sakata attended Algiers International Fair

    Sakata attended Algiers International Fair

    SAKATA attended the annual Algiers International Fair (FIA), a 6 day event that showcases a variety of such as fashion, textile, home textile, automotive, construction, agriculture, food, furniture, machinery, cosmetics products, ... Sakata presented its main varieties of vegetables for the Algerian market at its booth in the Japanese Hall. Sakata’s team was very pleased to welcome his Excellency Mr Ogawa, the Japanese Ambassador in Algeria. Read more

  • Tomato Field Day in Uzbekistan

    Tomato Field Day in Uzbekistan

    80 local growers attended this event to discover Sakata’s new indeterminate red tomato: LESLIE. Sakata’s partner, Ifoda, and our team, presented the outstanding performances of the variety in a greenhouse challenging environment (soil and weather conditions). Growers expressed their very positive interest for Leslie and the rest of Sakata’s assortment that was presented. Read more

  • Tomato Field Day in Albania

    Tomato Field Day in Albania

    70 local growers, dealers, fruit traders and SAKATA’s distributors from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia attended this event organised in cooperation with Agro Koni. Sakata presented its new tomato variety ADRIATIKA (TM11068). Attendees discovered its outstanding performances. They also understood more about Sakata’s breeding activities for tomato and other crops in the region. Read more

  • 2 Field Days in Agadir, Morocco

    2 Field Days in Agadir, Morocco

    The first one took place during the first week of March. 40 key dealers and growers attended this event and discovered SAKATA’s tomato, pepper and squash portfolio for the morrocan market. The second one, 12th to 16th March, was dedicated to moroccan exporters. More than 100 persons attended this event focused on Sakata's new tomato varieties. Read more