UNI_PAL 300©  the innovative automatic boxes palletizer

UNI_PAL 300© the innovative automatic boxes palletizer

The palletizer UNI_PAL 300© allows automatic palletization of cardboard, wood and plastic boxes on pallet size mm 1000x1200 and mm 800x1200.

UNI_PAL 200© can work both with on-ground pallet or with automatic pallet feeding system, allowing the total automation of the palletizzation.

Precision and delicacy: the control of the movements by electronic speed variators allows its use also for the palletization of particular kinds of boxes and of very delicate products.

Versatility: the use of a special plate for the transfer of the boxes allows its use with different kinds and size of boxes.

Easy to transport: the on-ground pallet model of UNI_PAL 300© can be equipped with wheels to allow an easy movement to the points of the line where there is more palletizing needs.

Cost reduction: the reliability of UNI_PAL 300© helps to reduce processing costs.