BBC Technologies solutions for blueberriesBBC Technologies solutions for blueberriesBBC Technologies solutions for blueberriesBBC Technologies solutions for blueberriesBBC Technologies solutions for blueberries

BBC Technologies solutions for blueberries

BBC Technologies, part of TOMRA Food are industry leaders in Blueberry packing lines. Our advanced packing technology, developed over decades for our own blueberry farm has provided us with the expertise and assurance to provide high performance packing lines around the world.

Tray tipper automates fruit delivery into KATO260 blueberry sorter (1st. picture)
The Tray Tipper automates delivery of the fruit into its industry-defining KATO260 sorter, optimizing its performance. The automated Tray Tipper system was developed to improve front of line loading of fruit onto its KATO260 precision grading line, the most refined solution for optical selection and optimization of blueberries on the market. 

CURO-2 Filling System takes packaging flexibility to the next level 
CURO-2 extends the industry-defining CURO filling system range. For fruits under 40 mm diameter, primarily focusing on the blueberry, cherry and snacking tomato markets. Developed under market demand, it enables customers to pack small volumes of different grades of fruit simultaneously to supply the produce divided in multiple tiers for supermarkets, or supplement existing capacity.

KATO 260, the innovative and industry-defining precision grading system for blueberries (2nd. picture)
The KATO 260 is a cutting-edge addition to the already-impressive BBC Technologies’ turnkey blueberry line. Joining the KATO 260 alongside the world’s fastest filling machine, their CURO 16, BBC Technologies is offering growers a truly remarkable solution suitable for any size operation. Precision selection. Full surface inspection. Sensible Footprint.

CURO-16 Filling System, 16-head filling system, packages up to 240 clamshells per minute (3rd. picture)
The CURO-16 BBC Technologies innovative 16-head filling system is fast and accurate and capable of consistently packing at speeds of up to 240 clamshells per minute. The CURO-16 is versatile, with the ability to easily switch between packing types such as clamshells, punnets or cups. It’s also gentle on the produce, with a significantly reduced drop from the conveyor belt to the hopper, ensuring produce is not damaged during sorting and packing.

DURA-TOUCH COMPACT Soft Sorter (4th picture)
The DURA-TOUCH COMPACT Soft Sorter combines the latest in DURA-TOUCH sorting technology with simple and efficient design to create a high-performance machine with one goal in mind, removing soft berries with certainty. With a light-weight assembly, simplified touch-screen interface and single ejection belt, the DURA-TOUCH COMPACT provides a highly effective, no-fuss sorting solution for any packhouse line. The DURA-TOUCH COMPACT is also compatible with management system, generating “real time” packing information to maximize operating potential.

FILL-BY-WEIGHT 10 head clamshell filler (5th picture)
The BBC technologies “Fill-By-Weight” (FBW) system combines speed, accuracy and versatility with intelligent traceability to maximise the potential of any packing facility. As demand increases for higher performance and a wider range of options, the 10 head FBW system brings together all the elements required for efficient, fast paced packing. Low drop points, ease of adjustment and a smart user interface are combined with accurate packing and speed. The denesting and lid closing platform is designed to handle a wide range of clamshell & punnet options with quick and simple adjustments between sizes.

The Soft Sorter is designed to provide a high speed inline sort and removal of soft fruit. Using our patented ‘Touch and Feel’ Technology, it remains the only product of its kind to provide an accurate test for fruit softness while maintaining gentle handling of product. 

MK2 COLOR SORTER with Defect Recognition
The Color Sorter MK2 is designed specifically to color sort small objects and combines high speed, accuracy and versatility with intelligent traceability to maximize the potential of any packing facility. Our vision-based technology has the additional ability to detect a range of characteristics; including over-ripe, diseased, bird pecked and decayed fruit.

Product Lift Conveyor
Consistent design allows for compatibility between other processing equipment. Simple digital display monitor allow for easy & accurate control of product movement.

Volume Filler
When high speed filling is required the BBC Technologies Volume Filler is the quick and simple solution. Manual packing of fruit can be a slow and labour intensive and in many cases requires micro management to provide continuity of throughput.

Flow Conveyor
Infinite variable feed split allows accurate control over direction of product flow. Removable, reversible and adjustable components allow for seamless integration into any packing line setup.

Inspection Table
Belt lifting function allows for ease of access to clean interior. Low-profile tail end design allows for a fluid transition of product between processing equipment.

Product Sizer
BBC Technologies Product Sizer is the first of its kind to provide accurate three-dimensional sizing of berries. The hole pattern design allows a genuine test for optimal sorting over two-dimensional laned belt sorters, leaving a consistent graded end-product.

Blower Cleaner
Unique design provides consistent air flow to sort product across full width of the belt. Digital monitor and control interface allows for precise tuning to achieve accurate separation.

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