BBC Technologies solutions for cherriesBBC Technologies solutions for cherriesBBC Technologies solutions for cherries

BBC Technologies solutions for cherries

Fresh Cherries require an intricate and delicate approach to the packhouse which BBC Technologies, part of TOMRA Food, understands with our cherry packing and sorting solutions. Our technology is specifically designed to provide a fast and accurate approach to cherry processing, while maintaining gentle handling crucial to keeping delicate product, such as Rainier cherries, intact.

NEW CURO2 filling system takes packaging flexibility to the next level (1st picture)
BBC Technologies, part of TOMRA Food and global leader in turnkey solutions for sorting, packing and optimizing small fruit, extends its industry-defining CURO filling system range with the new CURO2 compact system for fruits under 40 mm diameter, primarily focusing on the blueberry, cherry and snacking tomato markets. Developed under market demand, it enables customers to pack small volumes of different grades of fruit simultaneously to supply the produce divided in multiple tiers for supermarkets, etc.

MIRA-360 cherry sorter (2nd. picture)
The MIRA-360 Cherry Sorter utilises hi-tech sorting technology to identify and remove defected cherries of all descriptions including those with cracks and splits, spurs, soft rot, wrinkles and bruises. Combined with BBC Technologies Freshtracker™ system, “real time” sorting information can be generated to maximize operating potential.

CHERRY FILL-BY-WEIGHT, clamshell, box & bag filler (3rd picture)
The Fresh Cherry Fill-By-Weight (FBW) provides the ability to fill clamshells, bags and boxes with the ability to switch between with fast and easy changeovers. Low drop points, ease of adjustment and a smart user interface are combined with accurate packing and speed.

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