New image for Fomesa FruitechNew image for Fomesa FruitechNew image for Fomesa Fruitech

New image for Fomesa Fruitech

FOMESA Fruitech, manufacturer and seller of waxes, fungicides, detergents, disinfectants , etc., for postharvest uses, presented at Fruit Attraction 2013 its new image.

Julián Herráiz Garcia, Agr. Eng., Director of Sales and Marketing, explains the new image: "We tried to concentrate several fundamental concepts of our activity. First, we take care of the fruit, and the hand holding what looks like an orange indicates that we are the support, and we have the determination to remain so.

We also want to know what we do; we work for the fruit industry.

And finally, the new image tells about the global nature of our business; we are in 5 continents, from Europe  to South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. A global concept and a common goal.

Then we chose warm and “living” colors, and a friendly typography, consistent with the philosophy under which we operate . "

The images show the new logos of FOMESA FRUITECH, as well as the also new image of GREEN- LINE. Green-Line comprises the range of products, equipment and services that can be defined as treatments without residues or with lesser toxicological and environmental impact, for the produce marketing.