FruitFog®-PYR + Fysium®, the best partners for pome fruitsFruitFog®-PYR + Fysium®, the best partners for pome fruitsFruitFog®-PYR + Fysium®, the best partners for pome fruits

FruitFog®-PYR + Fysium®, the best partners for pome fruits

Infopost nº164, Julio - Agosto 2021

FOMESA FRUITECH has, within its range of fungicides, a formulation based on pyrimethanil at 25% [w/w]: FruitFog®-PYR, for post-harvest treatment of pears and apples in preservation chambers. The product has a preventive and curative activity. It controls the main fungi that cause rot in pome fruit. It is a fumigant can applied by means of an electronic ignition system patented by Fomesa Fruitech.

Advantages of using FRUITFOG® PYR:
- New fumigant formulation for apples and pears based on 25% pyrimethanil [w/w].
- The product has preventive and curative activity
- Persistent and long lasting activity
- FRUITFOG®-PYR is formulated as a fumigant can and therefore has the logistical advantage of not having to handle or wet the fruit. It is applied directly in the chamber, without exposure of the operator, and also has the advantage of not generating waste water.
- A treatment with FruitFog®-PYR also has the advantage that it can be combined with the application of 1-MCP at the beginning of fruit preservation.

FYSIUM® : Innovative 1-MCP technology
FOMESA FRUITECH is leading the FYSIUM® project (JANSSEN PMP) in Spain, Greece and Portugal. This form of 1-MCP application, which maintains the quality of apples over long storage periods, generates 1-MCP from 3 initial components:

Advantages of FYSIUM® application:
- FYSIUM® achieves the in situ generation of the 1-MCP molecule, thus ensuring a perfect application.
- Safety: The application is carried out from outside the chambers, without exposing the operator at the beginning or at the end of the application, generating the correct dose of 1-MCP at the right moment and at the right time.
- Control: The flow control system makes it possible to certify that the application has been carried out correctly.