¿How to ripen bananas with ethylene application?

¿How to ripen bananas with ethylene application?

Airtight is one of the keys

As the go-to potassium source, breakfast item, or quick energy supply, bananas are beloved to consumers worldwide. As a ripener, providing customers with the highest quality, perfectly ripened bananas available should be a goal across the entire fresh produce industry. The first step in providing customers with exceptional quality bananas is preparing and optimizing banana ripening rooms for ethylene application.

Preparing Your Ripening Room
Bananas bruise easily, green or ripe. Careful handling at all stages will reduce bruising and enable you to sell the bananas for more money. Beyond this, the following recommendations are suggested within banana ripening rooms: 

- The room must be as airtight as possible to prevent too much of the ethylene from leaking out.

- Must be sufficiently insulated to be able to properly maintain the room temperature

- Must have adequate refrigeration; the refrigeration equipment must have the capacity to accurately control the pulp temperature.

- May need heating equipment to maintain proper room temperature in cold weather.

- Rooms should be constructed so that the airflow path from the refrigeration system, through the load, and back to the refrigeration system is unobstructed.

- Refrigerated air in the room must always circulate uniformly throughout the load.

- To ensure the best quality ripened fruit, we recommend consulting with room design & build experts.

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