End-to-end GIRO

End-to-end GIRO's bagging line

The highest versatility for multi-produce handling

No matters whatever the challenge is but GIRÓ is able to deliver the best solution to the customer when it comes to packaging systems. This actual case study shows how to cope with a high demanding project for handling a wide range of commodities such as avocados, oranges, lemons, grape fruit and limes through a single line.

This full-line solution showcases GIRÓ’s complete offering outside grading and palletizing.

Amongst other requests, the customer was expecting a high degree of versatility and productivity rates in order to accommodate his business demands. The line had to enable fruit inspection, weighing, counting and bagging in different styles such as Ultrabag, Girsac and Clip2Clip. On top of those requirements, strict quality assurance protocols from market retailers, compelled to add check weighing devices as well as automatic boxing at the end of the line.

In order to fulfill those requirements GIRÓ is to afford a comprehensive line including: PDC500 buffer integrated with an inspection table, dynamic weigher PDG4L, three GirBaggers UB-60 with thermal transfer printer E300TT, one clipper CA-10, two standalone checkweighers CHW-S60, one automatic box filling system GBF-100 with a de-stacker and box rejection system.

Every single machine is fully monitored by the GirControl system (on site or remotely) for which the customer is able to control the performance at every step of the line, viewing real-time machinery alarms, and having access to comprehensive service and output reports.

The whole system is to achieve an output of 7,200 kg/hour circa and had to fit in a 86 sqm corner in the packing shed.

One of the most renowned weigher systems from GIRÓ’s line up is PDG4L that delivers a weighing accuracy of 6 g / 3000 g Ultrabag Oranges at a 48 bags/minute rate, and is able to weigh up to 78 bags/minute on 500 g target weight. PDG4L dynamic system handles lemons as well as oranges and avocados, in a triple weighing mode (fast or accurate) and count-to-target mode. PDG4L has the ability to interface with 4 different bagging systems benefiting from its 4 exit belts, which makes a very versatile and compact layout.

GIRÓ flagship bagging equipment so-called GirBagger UB-60 is included in the line, as this unit’s outstanding versatility performs 7 thermal sealed bag styles (up to 10 with a very simple and inexpensive upgrade kit). The system combines three GirBagger units in order to deliver a maximum output of 75 bags/minute (5-count or 500 g lemon bags). This bag flow is consistently guided through a conveyor framework that is controlled by a “smart traffic” system leading the bags onto a couple of checkweigher CHW-S60 units.

Alternatively, this specific layout takes on board hind clipping equipment such as CA-10, in order to perform either wineglass clipped bags or Clip2Clip style bags. The line is ready for this 2 clipped bag styles thanks to the Clip2Clip labelling module which is a state of the art clipping systems currently. CA-10 is the first-ever machine that automates mesh tube loading, which favors cost effectiveness to the whole line.

Because quality matters, our customers aim to secure the right weight on their produce deliveries, and so checkweigher systems become crucial. GIRÓ consistently include two checkweighers CHW-S60 in order to secure accurate weight readings on every single bag, with a resolution of +/- 0.5 g at 60 bags/minute rate.

The CHW-S60 standalone system is to be set in the conveyor collection line, including a 10-inch display that shows the histogram of weight readings between upper and lower weight thresholds, as well as number of rejected bags.

At the very last steps of the line, right before the palletizing, customers may decide to go for a manual crating or automated. GIRÓ proposal consists of 3 different elements: GBF-100 box filler machine, 9 unit crate de-stacker and box rejection system. This is a very strategic decision at customer side and involves head count reduction. The automated box filling system ensures a non-stop workflow at the end of the line, so that no operator is needed except for the consumable refilling of the line. (outside operators set at the inspection table). One headcount can control the whole line. In the best bag flow condition through the line, we would be able to fill boxes at the rate of 10 per minute. For instance, 4 Ultra- bag Oranges 3 kg per cardboard box, 12 kg per box, meaning 7,200 kg per hour. The de-stacker system enables to feed the box filler automatically with a 9 unit empty box stack, one by one.

On top, the box rejection system, measures the box weight in a very last checkpoint and let the box go ahead if the weight sits between the right weight limits.

In conclusion, GIRÓ focuses on value added solutions to our customers that ensure the right return on investment and quality outcomes.