Kiwi Vision 3 and UNIQ Kiwi

Kiwi Vision 3 and UNIQ Kiwi

UNITEC technology treats all types of Kiwi as a unique product with care and gentleness, to guarantee quality consistency for your customers, for every level of business.

Market leaders have chosen UNITEC as their preferred technology partner for their Kiwi grading plant because UNITEC is able to give the most effective quality selection. Lines for Kiwi processing, including sorters, graders, weighers and packing machines select the quality of the different varieties with extreme accuracy, to guarantee your business the success it deserves.

Kiwi Vision 3 and UNIQ Kiwi
Kiwi Vision 3 is the innovative UNITEC technology which allows to detect kiwifruit quality and carry out an unprecedented quality selection of Kiwifruit, very precise and reliableaccording to several parameters: external quality, degree of softness, in addition to weight, size and color.

Thanks to its ability to sort such parameters independently one from another and applying several combinations, Fruit and Vegetable Packing Houses which use Kiwi Vision 3 system can adopt strategies for offer diversification, thus offering end consumers the Kiwifruit quality which responds to their tastes and expectations as well as dividing fruit according to different needs of preservation and distribution to different destination markets.

Kiwi Vision 3 from UNITEC is a technology which is suitable for all varieties of Kiwifruit, both for the traditional green-fleshed variety and for the new gold-fleshed variety.

Kiwi Vision 3 system is also extremely gentle: the quality selection is absolutely non-invasive and fruit natural features are completely preserved.

Moreover, Kiwi Vision 3 system records all the information detected for traceability purposes and perfectly adjust to Fruit and Vegetable Packing House existing Software.

In addition to Plum Vision 3 technology, UNITEC has recently launched into international market UNIQ Kiwi, the innovative technology for the internal quality Kiwifruit selection.

This system is completely developed within the UNITEC R&D department and it is able to reveal every characteristic and every organoleptic secret of Kiwifruit.

UNITEC takes loving care of your business and develops new winning ideas together with you.
That is, it works to make the achievement of your goals concrete. To grow your business and grow together with you.

You can count on us, whether you are market leader or simply, entrepreneurs looking to the future.

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