Labelers, exact and fastLabelers, exact and fast

Labelers, exact and fast

TopControl high-end labelers are exact, fast and in any case a direct hit.

The GLM-B-S is an automatic labeler with a powered roll conveyor or flat belt, designed for integration in packaging lines or for stand-alone solution (1st picture).

GLT MAXX 9000, excellence trough high-tech

The GLT maxx 9000 is an innovative labeling unit using air jet application. The labels are placed accurately, but also gently – to prevent damaging the box – on different types of surfaces. The compact dimensions make the GLT 9000 appealing not only from an aesthetic point of view, but make it also ideal for use in confined spaces (video below).

GPH 9000, the latest generation of top- class technology

The GPH 9000 is a pallet labeler with automatic height and side adjustment. This enables placing labels in different hights and sides on a pallet. Due to its speed it is ideal for use in industrial applications or logistics (2nd picture).

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