• Helios roof ventilation systems

    Helios roof ventilation systems

    When it comes to professional ventilation, at MET MANN we like to talk about customization and high performance. In most industrial processes, environments are generated with high levels of indoor contamination or that require, for safety and regulatory reasons, an adequate system for the extraction of fumes or that manages to effectively renew the indoor environment of the facilities, ensuring that this way suitable conditions for work. Although today it is possible to find a wide range of solutions on the market, it is advisable as a previous step to any installation, to look for… Read more

  • Pest control by using temperature: operation and benefits

    Pest control by using temperature: operation and benefits

    There are several methods of prevention and control of pests: chemical treatments, ultrasounds, traps ... But all of them alter the habitability of the area to be disinsected or need a long time to take effect. As a safe and non-invasive alternative, many companies currently choose to manage pest control through temperature. This method will optimize the time required to eliminate the infestation, ensure that no chemical contamination occurs and will facilitate the process, as we will see in this article written by MET MANN. Read more

  • Air quality in the food industry, a challenge for producers

    Air quality in the food industry, a challenge for producers

    In the following article, MET MANN explains how to improve air quality in the food industry, which systems help to maintain optimal hygiene and safety conditions that are now more necessary than ever. Air purification in the food industry Food production facilities sometimes require complex production mechanisms, manipulation by operators and other processes that require very meticulous hygienic and disinfection conditions. In this context, controlling the air quality in the production areas, especially in relation to the temperature and humidity of the environment, is an essential… Read more

  • Are air curtains effective?

    Are air curtains effective?

    Studies have shown that by means of an efficient installation of these systems, we manage to air-condition the entrance of the room to the same level as the rest of the space, keeping it at a pleasant temperature and without entering bad odors, insects or bacteria of any kind. type that can pollute the environment. MET MANN explains in more depth the reasons why air curtains are effective and why you should install one already in your business. Read more

  • What is evaporative air conditioning?

    What is evaporative air conditioning?

    If you are not an expert in the field, the concept of evaporative air conditioning may sound a little Chinese to you. In this post MET MANN, the air-condition, ventilation and air-treatment products specialist, explain in detail what this cooling system consists of and what its advantages are. What does evaporative air conditioning consist of? Evaporative air conditioning is a refrigeration system in which the air is cooled by evaporating water. During this process, no type of refrigerant is used, but heat is "stolen" from the air in the evaporation process. Evaporative air… Read more

  • Evaporative coolers ATEX for explosive atmospheres

    Evaporative coolers ATEX for explosive atmospheres

    Evaporative coolers are an ideal system for the air conditioning of all types of industrial buildings in which a natural, efficient and minimum energy consumption air conditioning is required. In the industry in general, there are many activities with explosive atmospheres and the air conditioning systems can only be installed if the ATEX directive is complied with. MET MANN has developed an evaporative cooling equipment with ATEX regulations and recently two units with an external structure in stainless steel and an air flow of 65,000 m3 / h have been manufactured for the multinational… Read more

  • What are hot air generators and how do they work?

    What are hot air generators and how do they work?

    Hot air generators are equipment intended for heating any type of premises where a fast and efficient heating system is required. Its operation is based on carrying out combustion in a home and the gases produced pass through a heat exchanger where heat transfer is carried out with the air driven by a fan. Read more

  • Evaporative cooling for air conditioning of large premises

    Evaporative cooling for air conditioning of large premises

    Evaporative cooling systems are a real solution to heat problems in all types of commercial, industrial, agricultural and livestock premises. The following video shows the basic operation of fixed and portable evaporative cooling systems in a quickly and easily way. MET MANN has a long trajectory in the manufacture of air conditioning equipment and we are recognized for the quality and performance of our products. You can access our range of evaporative coolers at: MET MANN EVAPORATIVE COOLING We are at your disposal to expand the information of our evaporative air conditioning… Read more

  • Energy saving with industrial wood stoves

    Energy saving with industrial wood stoves

    Take advantage of any type of woody waste generated by your business and provide hot air to your premises, be it commercial, industrial or agricultural, it can mean an energy saving of more than 90% in your bill, as is the case of carpentry or companies that have wooden pallets or other waste originated in their manufacturing processes. Here is a practical example. In a 600m2 industrial warehouse located in Almansa (Albacete) they have installed a 100kW MET MANN industrial wood burning stove model EP-100. The total investment of the equipment and installation has been about € 6,000 while… Read more

  • Evaporative coolers for desert environments

    Evaporative coolers for desert environments

    MET MANN has made the manufacture of evaporative coolers for desert environments by applying an innovative system to trap the sand before introducing the outside air into the room to be heated. Another characteristic to note is that all the components to the roof, water tray and fan have been manufactured in stainless steel AISI-316 to prevent the premature corrosion so common in these harmful environments and where the water is very hard. The first delivery of equipment has been made to a customer from Oman with the supply of 16 units of 15,000 m3 / h with 150 Pa of available… Read more