Can plastic be an environmentally sustainable alternative?

Can plastic be an environmentally sustainable alternative?

Plastic and ecology are two concepts that seem opposites. The problem of plastic in the oceans, its single use or limited recycling (microplastics)… are present concepts that concern us today and for the future. However, plastic can be an environmentally sustainable alternative.

More important than choosing one material over another, it is necessary to replace the use - extraction → use → garbage - that we are used to, for a circular economy. In Portugal, the circularity rate - when extracted resources are reused - is only 2%. In the world it is no more than 8%. This means that every year 11 billion resources go directly to landfill after a single use.

And that's exactly why plastic is an excellent eco-friendly alternative. If plastic is reused, it doesn't end up in the oceans or landfills. And this kind of material is perfect precisely to be reused.

As it can also be recycled, we leave you with 4 reasons to choose plastic in an environmentally responsible way:

1. It is recyclable
Plastic can be recycled and transformed into other products, gaining a 2nd life and avoiding the extraction of new resources.

2. It is reusable
It can even be washed and stored without spoiling for, in many situations, years.

3. It's light
The transport of this type of material occurs with lower emissions of polluting gases (CO2).

4. It's versatile
It can be used, for example, for the preservation of foods that would last less time in other materials, which would lead to an increase in waste and an increase in food prices.

Although, environmentally, plastic is a good alternative to other materials, it is nevertheless necessary to consider some options when choosing. This is because not every type of plastic guarantees the circularity of resources or takes into account environmental sustainability.

What, then, is important to consider?

    - Look for companies that, in fact, process the plastic, giving it a 2nd copy. Instead of buying plastic of unknown or uncertified origin.
    - Reuse the plastic. Obviously, reusing a plastic box on several occasions is better for the environment than using, for example, a paper box that goes immediately to the trash.
    - Buy in quantity. The decrease in C02, in addition to depending on the weight of the products, also depends on well-organized logistics (both from the seller and the buyer).

When choosing DOMPLEX, in addition to the quality proven over more than 60 years, you are also guaranteed to buy plastic from a circular economy and an ecologically concerned company, not only in terms of materials but also of all resources ( energy, logistics, etc.) used.

DOMPLEX products are thus an environmentally sustainable solution.