• Storage with indirect cooling in Belgium

    Storage with indirect cooling in Belgium

    In 1992, the owner decided to broaden the activities of the family business by switching to the cultivation of potatoes. In 2000, he moved from the family farm to a location a hundred metres away. The plan was to build a modern facility and supply washed potatoes. His son took over the business in 2010. ‚ÄúBy supplying washed potatoes, you avoid dust on supermarket shelves, in the trunk of your car and in your kitchen,‚ÄĚ says his son. The farm has around ten potato varieties that it sells to supermarkets and shops in the region, but also to the thriving French fries industry in Belgium and… Read more

  • Revolutionary onion drying concept

    Revolutionary onion drying concept

    This year Tolsma-Grisnich continues the testing of a new onion drying concept in the Netherlands. As quick drying is of the highest importance for maintaining onion quality the R&D department is always working on new storage concepts to maintain onion quality and reduce operational costs. Also the increasing demand for organic onions which are not treated with a sprout inhibitor asks for new storage equipment which can maintain low relative humidity at storage temperature. One of the new concepts we are testing and fine-tuning at the moment is a plug & play mobile QCC refrigeration unit… Read more

  • Cheaper cooling with a robust system

    Cheaper cooling with a robust system

    When Peter Holster had a new box storage facility built for his seed potatoes in 2017, he already knew that a new mechanical cooling system would be added later. Connection points for the evaporators and condensation water drains had already been installed in the new building. But when the time came in 2019, there was an unexpected complication. The supplier of his existing storage system had gone bankrupt. Read more

  • Main preferences of potato seed growers regarding their processing lines

    Main preferences of potato seed growers regarding their processing lines

    In the past few years, growers of seed potatoes in the Netherlands have been judiciously investing in new grading techniques, and in doing so, they have demonstrated certain preferences. According to product specialist Jeroen Arends of TOLSMA-GRISNICH in Emmeloord, this is a direct consequence of increases in scale within the industry. Trends in growing and market outlets have also turned out to be decisive for new investments. ‚ÄėGrowers change their varieties more often, while the variation within the total range has also increased. This means that the number of different seed potato… Read more

  • Laarakker Groenteverwerking relies on Tolsma-Grisnich for its carrot processing line

    Laarakker Groenteverwerking relies on Tolsma-Grisnich for its carrot processing line

    No fewer than 14 trucks loaded with equipment hit the road from Emmeloord to Laarakker Groenteverwerking in Well (Netherlands) this spring. This specialist in the growing, processing and sale of an extensive range of vegetables for the frozen/canned food industry has opted for new bunkers in their existing carrot processing line. The existing bunker installation has been replaced by an impressive new stainless steel bunker installation for carrot processing. The washed and graded carrots from the company‚Äôs own in-house washing facility are conveyed from the 8 new stainless steel bunkers… Read more

  • Automatic application of germination inhibitors

    Automatic application of germination inhibitors

    The ban on the germination inhibitor CIPC has had a big impact on potato storage in Western Europe. Alongside the challenges in terms of cleaning the storage facility, most growers are planning to use the new germination inhibitors. Using the Vision Control storage computer, the storage facility can be controlled automatically for the application of germination inhibitors. Vision Control storage computer The Vision Control is an intelligent storage computer that controls temperature and relative humidity as well as CO2 level by regulating fans, hatches, heaters and refrigeration devices.… Read more

  • Inhibiting germination requires highly accurate cooling

    Inhibiting germination requires highly accurate cooling

    Potatoes must be kept at a consistent temperature throughout the batch as soon as possible once they have been stored. This requires an effective ventilation system. Mechanical cooling ensures added value whenever a highly accurate storage temperature must be maintained. Effective ventilation and cooling ensures that the temperature of a batch of potatoes is maintained at a highly accurate level during periods with warmer nights and when the summer season approaches. This will benefit both quality and quantity for tons of product to be delivered. In addition, it ensures a more stable and… Read more

  • Ventilation and Cooling equipment for the storage of table potatoes

    Ventilation and Cooling equipment for the storage of table potatoes

    For more than 8 generations the Sterman Masser family has been running their business they started in central Pennsylvania in 1754. Today, the farming operations have expanded to a total of 6.000 acres, with potatoes, cash grain and hay being produced. The potato packaging and warehouse operations pack and distribute over 250 million pounds of potatoes each year. Masser Potato Farms combines years of potato farming experience with today‚Äôs newest technology to deliver the best quality potatoes at the best value. With integrated state-of-the-art operations, sustainable agricultural and supply… Read more

  • Popular refrigerants will be phased out

    Popular refrigerants will be phased out

    Consequent to EU legislation, many frequently used refrigerants will be either phased out or subjected to quotas in the years to come. Refrigerants with a high Global Warming Potential (GWP) will be phased out. R22 has already been prohibited and (new) installations with more than 10 kg of R507 or R404 may no longer be replenished with these agents as from January 1st, 2020. Replenishing of installations with recycled refrigerants of these types will be prohibited as from January 1st, 2030. Phasing out will be organised by means of a quota system to ensure that sales of products with a… Read more

  • Tolsma-Grisnich storage facility check 2020

    Tolsma-Grisnich storage facility check 2020

    Tolsma-Grisnich explains that just like your car, tractor or other machines, your storage facility also needs periodic maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation. You are even under a legal obligation to have your cooling installation inspected every year. Failure to maintain a storage facility properly will also lead to higher costs in the long run. So make sure that your ventilation, cooling installation, electrical installations, hatches and walls are duly checked by an authorised party. Mechanical cooling Legislation and regulations for mechanical cooling are frequently amended, and… Read more