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Jointly, Tolsma-Grisnich is an outstandingly strong combination. Together, we offer innovative and intelligent total solutions for the entire cycle of unloading storage, processing and packaging of agricultural products. 

Our mission is to improve the efficiency of every company that is active in the storage and processing of potatoes, onions and carrots.

Always custom-made
Tolsma is renowned for its innovative storage technology, which assures customers of the highest storage efficiency. Grisnich is a specialist for client-specific installations and turnkey projects for unloading, transporting, bunker storage, cleaning, grading and packaging agricultural products.

Total solutions

Jointly, Tolsma-Grisnich provide smart total solutions for growers, processors and industrial packers of agricultural products. Both Tolsma and Grisnich have a rich history of more than fifty years. All the expertise that both companies have built up over the years is concentrated in the control technology and software for the installations. Customers can profit from this because all components within the entire chain are aligned with one another.

Service and support

We like to share with our customers the expertise and experience that Tolsma-Grisnich has gathered on its products. This may be evident from reliable storage advice, but also from information about optimal maintenance of the grading installation. Thus, customers gain insight into running costs and maintenance costs. Throughout the lifetime of the installation, our customers can rely on the advice and solutions provided by our specialists. Obviously, the set-up of the supply of spare parts is optimal, so that the continuity of the installation is guaranteed.

Tolsma-Grisnich Worldwide 

Tolsma-Grisnich works worldwide and counts on several representative offices abroad.

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Products / services

Tolsma-Grisnich develops innovative total solutions for the entire process of handling, storage, processing and packaging of agricultural products. Products include Storage and Processing categories. Also available guided storage advice.

Storage: Ventilation, Refrigeration, Control Technology, Track & Trace
- Ventilation

Fresh Box, effective refreshment of CO₂ with minimal energy consumption
Fans, different types
Air ducts
Quadro Air-mix units, specially designed for box storage, to mix internal air with fresh air
Condenser drying

- Refrigeration
QCC 45-80 Edition with natural refrigerant, for box storage of potatoes
Refrigeration systems
Quadro Compact Cooler

- Control technology
Vision Control is an intelligent storage computer that controls temperature and relative humidity as well as CO2
TMU, Tolsma Measurement Unit, a measurement unit that gathers data in the storage facility, like product- and room temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels
Control panels
YOU, Yield Observation Unit, is placed in the bulk batch and continuously measures the product weigh

- Track & Trace
Automatic or manual

Processing: Logistics, Dry cleaning, Wet cleaning, Sorting, Sampling & taring
- Logistics
Storage bunkers
Box handling
Fall breaker

- Dry cleaning
Cleaning rollers and belts
Samro stone and clod separator
Desoiler unit

- Wet cleaning
Stone, clod and haulm seperator
Separation baths
Roller dryer

- Sorting
Models for ware and seed potatoes, and for the processing industry

- Sampliing & taring
Fully automatic sampling systems for sampling products during product intake.