TopControl solutions to optimize the fruit and vegetable packaging processTopControl solutions to optimize the fruit and vegetable packaging process

TopControl solutions to optimize the fruit and vegetable packaging process

The year 2020 has been a difficult one dominated by the pandemic. Even with increasing work volumes and fewer staff available, TOPCONTROL technology provided its hardware and software solutions to guarantee fresh products.

The most challenging aspect in these times is to optimize the deployment of the personnel and to guarantee their safety. This implies a greater need for automation of the various operations in the food production process. The weighing, labelling and packaging machines must be easy to use even with a small number of employees.

Automation is the future
TopControl has the best solutions for these needs. The company from South Tyrol specializes in the creation and installation of hardware and software solutions to increase the productivity of each of its processes. Every project can be customized to the needs of the individual customer thanks to the know-how acquired over 30 years.

In recent months, TopControl has been able to offer its customers solutions that not only simplify the work, but also allow them to work as efficiently as possible with a minimum of personnel.

The solutions of TopControl
The sorting system of the MHP2000 (Picture 1) and MHP2100 scales (Picture 2), allows pre-filled parcels to be processed with a minimum of waste. The 10 weighing platforms are loaded manually and allow semi-automatic weight optimization. With the two scales installed in the conveyor, any missing product or any combination of missing products can be determined. The employee only has to look at the green LED indicator to reach the preset weight.

"The personnel is reduced by between 30% and 50% and the overproduction by 1%. As a result, customers benefit from a return on investment within the first 6 months", explained Gianmarco Callegari, Italy sales manager.

To prevent under- and/or overweight packaging from having to be repacked, we have developed the CWT1000 checkweigher. This allows the customer to weigh a larger quantity of products in a shorter period of time, increasing efficiency. The grading machine controls the weight of the pre-filled packages before they are closed. If the weight of the package exceeds the limits, the CWT1000 automatically separates the package using a separation system. The parcel is then weighed again and sent back to the packing process.

The TopControl software connects the labeling machines and scales. From StatisticsWeights (the system that manages production results) to StorageMove (the warehouse handling) and FruitManager (automatic management of production and traceability).

TopControl works continuously to increase the efficiency of all packaging processes. That is why a lot is invested in Research & Development and the products are adapted to the needs of the market and the customer.