Harvest- and time suitcaseHarvest- and time suitcaseHarvest- and time suitcase

Harvest- and time suitcase

The harvest- and time suitcase, by TopControl, is flexible, manageable, und, above, all mobil.

The mobile harvesting suitcase PSC and time suitcase PTS allow a detailed registration of data and time during the harvest.

In combination with the TopControl StatisticsWeights Software, individualized evaluations and statistics can be generated to facilitate the work. The compete digitalized system solution with automatic data transmission optimizes the sale trough real time information.

Simply to use
The mobile harvesting suitcase of TopControl was developed especially for the harvest of small fruits. The weights are collected automatically for each operator, parcel number, unit, quality, article and stored in the TopControl StatisticsWeights software.

Additionally executed work at the field per time unit and operator can be recorded. The PSC9100 saves not only a lot of time, but by accurate weighing at the field also costs, as overweight is excluded. Beside this, it allows extensive statistical analysis of the harvest to increase productivity enormously.

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