• Center West Exports selects Wyma to expand their postharvest carrot line

    Center West Exports selects Wyma to expand their postharvest carrot line

    Western Australia‚Äôs Center West Exports has this month selected WYMA SOLUTIONS to expand their postharvest carrot line. Recognising a need for greater throughput while maintaining the quality of their produce, Center West Exports engaged Wyma to develop a solution to suit their conditions and specific requirements. Frank Tedesco founded Center West Exports (and Sun City Farms) in 1989, having begun farming carrots in 1981. Since then, the farms and the businesses have grown steadily to now encompass 1,300 acres of productive farmland including a large packhouse facility processing over… Read more

  • Stainless steel: The material of choice in the postharvest industry

    Stainless steel: The material of choice in the postharvest industry

    At WYMA we recognize the unique benefits of stainless steel. Its immediate appeal to the postharvest industry is its corrosion resistance and hygienic properties, critical for a sector under increasing pressure for¬†food safety¬†compliance. Stainless steel is the obvious choice for our equipment, just as it is in the wider food processing, medical and hospitality sectors. While viewed by some as a higher-cost option, the investment is easily offset by the manufacturing, operational and financial benefits. Stainless steel products may have a higher initial cost than mild steel alternatives… Read more

  • Wyma, the best from every harvest

    Wyma, the best from every harvest

    Innovation and continuous improvement are cornerstones of how we do things at WYMA. For decades we have dedicated ourselves to supporting our customers and ensuring that they can provide the best possible produce to consumers. Not only that, we are also committed to (and known for) producing the best quality equipment and solutions that perform season after season. The update to our iconic logo reflects an evolution of our business as we continue to grow, innovate, and apply the very best in design, food safety and precision manufacturing to the primary and post-harvest sector. The badge… Read more

  • Line still going strong!

    Line still going strong!

    A. S. Wilcox and Sons Ltd was established in 1954 and has continued to grow and market potatoes, onions and carrots ever since, becoming an integral part of New Zealand’s agricultural industry. 16 years ago the time came for a new potato wash line at their facility outside of Auckland, Wilcox approached WYMA. After being provided with the requirements, our design team developed a solution that would help the Wilcox processing facility continue to provide top-quality produce to their customers. Read more

  • Power consumption matters

    Power consumption matters

    At Wyma Solutions, our engineering and installation teams work tirelessly to ensure that our customers get the best from every harvest. This dedication extends beyond produce handling to encompass all aspects of postharvest operations; from preserving freshness and preventing bruising to labor and cost-reduction features. Recently Wyma was approached to evaluate a customer‚Äôs intake system provided by a competitor. The system comprised a large wet hopper, destoner and an intake elevator. Not satisfied with this systems‚Äô performance, reliability or ease-of-use, the customer asked Wyma to… Read more

  • Andrew Barclay, focused on a full range of innovative post-harvest vegetable solutions

    Andrew Barclay, focused on a full range of innovative post-harvest vegetable solutions

    Wyma Solutions is a global leader in the post-harvest industry. Its focus on customer outcomes and quality has driven its growth, leading it to becoming one of the most innovative and agile companies in the post-harvest sector. Originally founded as an engineering workshop, in the early 1960‚Äôs, Wyma is almost unrecognisable from its rural origins in Canterbury, New Zealand. Support for its global customer base is now provided by significant operations in New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom, with North America customer support served through a strategic partner. Wyma produces a… Read more

  • Protect your customers with effective food safety

    Protect your customers with effective food safety

    Food safety is an essential consideration when designing or upgrading a production line. With many countries putting more effort into traceability, enforcement of food safety regulations and new technologies it is now more important than ever. Food recalls are costly both in lost product and damaged reputation, and designing for food safety can help to lower that risk. WYMA's latest guide offers tips on how to avoid bacterial contamination in your pack-house, touching on four core areas of concern: - Water - Workers - Equipment - Facilities Once you understand the risk factors,… Read more

  • Success with mixed cropping at Lynchris Farm

    Success with mixed cropping at Lynchris Farm

    The Crozier family has been supplying carrots, potatoes and onions to domestic and export markets for three generations. Their 400-hectare Lynchris Farm is situated in Leeston, just south of Christchurch on New Zealand‚Äôs South Island, where it makes the most of the alluvial soils and warm Canterbury summers. A mixed cropping farm supplying a single packhouse presented Wyma with a number of challenges, including the ability to switch the wash and pack-line seamlessly from carrots to potatoes. This was achieved through a multi-produce design philosophy from the start, and some clever use… Read more

  • People of Wyma: Jennifer Fretwell

    People of Wyma: Jennifer Fretwell

    The people at Wyma make up a very diverse bunch, and few people embody that better then Jennifer Fretwell, one of our fabricators and resident health and safety guru. We spoke with Jen about how she found herself as a welder in our workshop and her experience working at WYMA. Tell us a bit about your background I was studying political science at university, but I started getting really interested in Russia after reading a book on the Cold War. I thought that a really good way to learn more would be to study the language, so my degree is in Russian language. I‚Äôve never been to… Read more

  • Combat food processing waste with effective postharvest cooling

    Combat food processing waste with effective postharvest cooling

    Approximately one-third of global food production each year is lost or wasted, an issue not only concerning for the environment but hugely damaging from a financial perspective. The most effective tool that producers have for combating the postharvest deterioration of fruits and vegetables is temperature management. In terms of pure speed, no other temperature control method is as effective as hydrocooling. WYMA SOLUTIONS latest guide offers advice on how to implement more effective postharvest cooling strategies to improve the quality of your output. You will learn more about: - Why… Read more