• Wyma selected as finalist for Award

    Wyma selected as finalist for Award

    WYMA SOLUTIONS has made the final stage of the New Zealand International Business Awards 2021, the country’s most prestigious awards for export businesses. “At Wyma we are truly honoured to have been selected as a finalist, alongside a group of exceptional New Zealand business” says Andrew Barclay, Managing Director, Wyma Solutions. “This is not only recognition of the hard work done by our team here in Christchurch, but also of the significant contribution our overseas operations have made. We now have sales, project, manufacturing and after sales capability in Australia,… Read more

  • Sustainability in the pack-house

    Sustainability in the pack-house

    By 2050, the global population will likely increase by 35%, and food production will need to double in that timeframe. However, as our climate changes and resources become scarcer, the need to streamline the supply chain becomes more critical. Our industry – including those of us here at Wyma – have a huge part to play in meeting these increasing demands. Our recent guide on Sustainability in Food Production outlined some of the big issues that face growers and pack-houses, and our team is always looking for new ways to tackle these challenges. Dr. Kent Stewart, Product Development… Read more

  • Electric Bin Tipper, for a complete food safety

    Electric Bin Tipper, for a complete food safety

    As food safety emerges as one of the most imminent priorities for fruit and vegetable growers, the WYMA team is constantly looking to improve on our designs and deliver the best possible solutions. That spirit of continuous innovation led to the development of the Electric Bin Tipper, a project spearheaded by engineer and product manager Matthias Kerkmann. By reducing the risk of contaminants such as hydraulic oil finding their way into the processing line, the Electric Bin Tipper is a perfect choice for growers and pack-houses. Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into new or… Read more

  • New lift roller sizer

    New lift roller sizer

    Accurate sizing and handling are central to maintaining the quality and marketability of your produce, and WYMA ENGINEERING knows it well. For carrots, potatoes and onions, sizing is especially important. With their non-uniform shape and variable textures, sizing root vegetables accurately and cost-effectively can be a challenge. Wyma’s Lift Roller Sizer has been specifically designed to meet the needs of customers that demand only the very best equipment. It can automatically be reconfigured to size a variety of produce without any engineering input to support multiple produce… Read more

  • Wyma Medium Onion Line

    Wyma Medium Onion Line

    Onions require great care to avoid bruising and damage. This example of a 25-ton per hour line demonstrates a range of on-demand gentle handling solutions by WYMA. Onions are received from field trucks or field bins via a Bin Tipper – Manual, Hydraulic or Electric are all suitable options. The produce is then elevated to a Screen Piece Remover where unwanted debris and soil is removed. If required, manual inspection may occur at this point before the produce is ‘topped’ via a Fan Topper. Sizing occurs next in this example, with produce brushed then graded into five sizes using a Lift… Read more

  • How Wyma selects Vege-Polisherℱ brushes for your requirements

    How Wyma selects Vege-Polisherℱ brushes for your requirements

    Both technical and experiential recommendations are made by the team at WYMA to ensure that our customers receive the best possible solution for their polishing requirements. When designing a Vege-Polisherℱ for a customer, a Wyma Project Manager will consider many factors. Firstly, they will gain a deep understanding of the specific produce, from soil conditions right through to the end purpose (for example, juicing or fresh produce for consumption). This knowledge sets a foundation for the Project Manager to work from. Examples of the considered factors include. Read more

  • Wyma UK has moved

    Wyma UK has moved

    The new WYMA ENGINEERING UK base of operations falls into a prominent technology hub, positioning us in a terrific spot to service customers throughout the UK and Ireland. Wyma UK’s HQ is at: 1J Snetterton Park Harling Road Snetterton Norfolk NR16 2JU The larger, more modern location accommodates our ever-expanding requirements and better reflects the modernisation of the Wyma brand. Surrounding ourselves with other high-tech industrial, automotive and aerospace companies also allows us to tap into the local technology network and give and receive support to other local… Read more

  • Wyma supporting growth in Australian vegetable production

    Wyma supporting growth in Australian vegetable production

    Fueled by the increase in consumer demand for fresh vegetables, Australian growers have chosen to invest significantly in improving their post-harvest operations. Over the last 12 months, Wyma Solutions WYMA SOLUTIONS has committed to supporting more than a dozen Australian vegetable growers to improve their operations. These projects range from minor upgrades to in-feed and water recycling systems, to brand new lines and significant enhancements to existing operations. “Australian growers and packers have always demanded the best for their produce, which is why Wyma has been so… Read more

  • Hoppers, bunkers, bins and boxes

    Hoppers, bunkers, bins and boxes

    The post-harvest industry, like many others, is full of jargon and terminology. What one person views as a ‘hopper,’ another may call a ‘feeder,’ ‘tank’ or ‘bunker’! Accurate terms and names matter. They reduce confusion, allow for mutual understanding and pave the way for collaboration and further problem-solving. With over 50 years’ experience in producing solutions for the post-harvest sector, Wyma has helped shape some of this terminology. WYMA explains the options for hoppers, bunkers, bins and boxes. Hoppers These are most often defined as a container for… Read more

  • Innovation crucial for Wyma in Europe and UK

    Innovation crucial for Wyma in Europe and UK

    The fresh vegetable industry in Europe and the United Kingdom is undergoing rapid and exciting change at present says Jason Gerrie, General Manager of Wyma Europe and Wyma UK. Having been in the industry almost 20 years, as well as leading Wyma’s companies in Europe and the United Kingdom, Jason is no stranger to development in the industry. But it is the current pace of change that is exciting and highly motivating, especially for a customer-focused company such as Wyma. Read more