CaCl2 treatment doubled the shelf life of apricot fruit

CaCl2 treatment doubled the shelf life of apricot fruit

Maryam Dorostkar, Farid Moradinezhad & Elham Ansarifar, Revista Facultad Nacioinal de Agronomía, Colombia

Fresh apricot is a nutritious and popular fruit because of its special aroma and taste. However, high ripening rates and susceptibility to mechanical injury and postharvest diseases limit its shelf life.

Therefore, the effect of immersion in different calcium salts solution on the qualitative and biochemical characteristics of fresh apricot fruit ʻShahroudi’ cv was evaluated.

Treatments were solutions of calcium chloride (CaCl2), calcium nitrate Ca(NO3)2, and calcium sulfate (CaSO₄) at a concentration of 1 or 2%. Distilled water was used as a control.

Fruits were immersed in water or calcium salts solution for 2 min, air-dried, and then stored at 2±1 °C for three weeks.

However, the highest firmness was related to 2% CaCl2 treatment, which was about 60% higher than control, followed by 1% Ca(NO3)2 treatment (50% more than control).

Also, the lowest Total Soluble Solids value was 10.46%, which was obtained from 2% CaCl2 and the highest value was obtained in control (15.1%).

Besides, the mentioned treatments improved the nutritional value of apricot fruit by increasing total phenolic compounds, and tissue calcium content.

The shelf life was 15.67 days in control, while 2% CaCl2 treatment doubled (35.33 days) the shelf life of apricot fruit.

In general, the best result was obtained using CaCl2 at 2% treatment for 2 min, which may be applied as a postharvest treatment to improve the storage life of apricot fruit ʻShahroudi’ cv.

Figure is nr. 1 of the original paper Figure 1. Effect of dipping in different calcium salts solution on the firmness of apricot fruit stored at 2±1 °C for 21 days. CaCl2 (calcium chloride), Ca(NO3)2 (calcium nitrate), CaSO4 (calcium sulfate).Error bars represent the error deviation. Symbols with the same letter are not significantly different between them at P˂0.01 (LSD test).

Effectiveness of postharvest calcium salts applications to improve shelf-life and maintain apricot fruit quality during storage
Efectividad de las aplicaciones de sales de calcio poscosecha para mejorar la vida útil y mantener la calidad de la fruta de albaricoque durante el almacenamiento
Maryam Dorostkar, Farid Moradinezhad & Elham Ansarifar