PEACH VISION 2, for peaches & nectarinesPEACH VISION 2, for peaches & nectarinesPEACH VISION 2, for peaches & nectarinesPEACH VISION 2, for peaches & nectarinesPEACH VISION 2, for peaches & nectarines

PEACH VISION 2, for peaches & nectarines

Processing, sorting, grading and packing machines, plants and lines for Peaches and Nectarines. UNITEC's innovative technology helps to recognize the goodness of peaches.

It identifies the best, selects it and classifies it. Opening up a new way to look at the market. In addition, Unitec sorting machines, equipment and lines for Peaches and Nectarines processing handle your precious fruit with gentleness and respect. Unitec knows that the best fruit, with exactly the right hardness and sugar content, can reach more profitable markets even away from the area of production.

Unitec grading and packing plants are equipped with the innovative Peach Vision Unitec Technology an Unitec exclusive technology for the detection of the internal and external quality of peaches, flat peaches and nectarines. It enables to detect: size, color, internal defects, external defects, degree of hardness and Brix degree. That is, it allows quality assurance.

Patented sorting systems for internal and external quality, size, weight and appearance. Exclusive quality selection. Vision as never before.

- High technology; Unitec technology does a great deal for the peach, flat peach and nectarine business
- Gentleness; the fruit is processed noninvasively and respecting its characteristics
- Flexibility; simple, independent calibration of quality selection parameters
- Versatility; great versatility with multi-analytical technology
- High productivity; a Unitec system with Peach Vision allows you to work up to 14 fruits per second
- Traceability; it records the required information for the purpose of traceability

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