OPTIMO, the new standard in turn-key ripening

OPTIMO, the new standard in turn-key ripening

OPTIMO, by Interko, characterizes by:

- Turn-key ripening at minimal cost

- State-of-the-art design for adaptable capacity 

- Fast installation with pre-installed technology

- Energy-saving REVERSO fans.

Turn-key ripening
Interko’s OPTIMO ripening room is a state-of-the-art and flexible turn-key solution that accommodates from 8 up to 24 pallets of bananas, avocados or mangoes.

Easy install
Designed for easy installation, use and maintenance, this entry-level system is highly efficient, cost-effective and profitable thanks to its clever design.

Four zones
OPTIMO is a single-level room that can be split into four zones. Each zone is equipped with an individual cooler and air guidance system, enabling users to switch on and off each of the four zones independently to adapt quickly to volume requirements and market demand.

Different pallet sizes
The front two zones are also fitted with Interko’s new generation adjustable load separators which accommodate any pallet size, and allow users to efficiently ripen pallets of fruit within partially filled rows.

Energy saving
Pre-assembled REVERSO fans optimise the airflow with minimum energy usage, and increase the ripening consistency throughout pallets of fruit.

Controlled air quality
OPTIMO arrives complete with an integrated air quality control system to ensure the perfect ripening environment through the precision control of humidity, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

Plug and play
A range of further, pre-installed features include colour-coded plugs for the easy installation of electrical cabling, and connections for LED lights.


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