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  • 1st Berry School in Málaga, Spain

    1st Berry School in Málaga, Spain

    The 1st Berry School will be organized in line with the GoodBerry objectives and addresses early-stage researchers, technicians and experts involved in berry research and berry production sectors. Besides lectures on plant genetics and physiology and fruit quality control the one week program will… Read more

  • Domplex Compost Container

    Domplex Compost Container

    The Domplex Compost container, by Plastidom, is designed to make compost, with a 30% reduction of the the initial organic matter. The design harmonizes with environment; it can be placed near gardens. Read more

  • Our onions spare parts exports increase

    Our onions spare parts exports increase

    The exports of our spare parts for leek washing machines and tender onions is increasing. The quality of DAYPE 98 SL “peel onions” has already been proven in Mexico and Europe. Our “peel onions”, made with laboratory studies, are made with the highest quality material,… Read more

  • WEBER ULTIMATE Series - Weber Vacuum Cooler

    WEBER ULTIMATE Series - Weber Vacuum Cooler

    For the vacuum cooler Ultimate Series WEBER COOLING use an indirect glycol cooling system. With this technology we can save substantial on installed power. Minimal power, maximum sizes. All ultimate systems are fully modular & scalable: One or more rooms can be combined with one or more… Read more

  • PACLIFE, modified atmosphere packaging

    PACLIFE, modified atmosphere packaging

    The PAC LIFE technology, PSS Envases Spa, for the manufacture of active packaging, a proprietary polymer blend art, improves the permeability and incorporates to its molecular matrix special additives, among which are ethylene absorbers. The end result is an optimum balance between oxygen and… Read more

  • Macfrut 2017: international boom

    Macfrut 2017: international boom

    MACFRUT keeps growing. The 34th edition of the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, to be held in Rimini from 10 to 12 May 2017, will be larger (8 pavilions instead of 7 as in last year's edition), more innovative and, above all, more international. In addition to the many… Read more

  • Cherry solutions

    Cherry solutions

    i5 Cherry Plus is one of the cherry solutions by MULTISCAN TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. It grades based on size, colour and defects of fruit. Main features - Built in stainless steel and polymeric materials adequate for working with food. - Transport over individual rollers, 3 chains / 6 inspection lines -… Read more

  • Ammonia content may be a good indicator of senescence in arugula

    Ammonia content may be a good indicator of senescence in arugula

    Leafy greens produce ammonia under stressful conditions during postharvest handling. The objective of this study was to understand the relationship between ammonia accumulation and color variation of arugula leaves in relation to cultivar and storage temperature and time. Leaves of five cultivars… Read more

  • 'NanoPack Project' introduces antimicrobial food Packaging

    'NanoPack Project' introduces antimicrobial food Packaging

    The project has been awarded €7.7 million to develop and demonstrate a solution for extending food shelf life by using novel antimicrobial surfaces. NanoPack, which is led by the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, is funded as part of Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Program for Research… Read more

  • The Topper usage during the conservation

    The Topper usage during the conservation

    In Infopost nº 115, FOMESA FRUITECH recommends the use of the Topper for: Strong calyces and resistant skin for frigoconservation of 2nd season varietiesTopper (Triclopir) maintains firm and fruit-bound calyces during the cold storage of those varieties intended for medium-long conservation… Read more